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I Found The New Ferrari Portofino

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With the help of Damian from The Car Guys TV, I get in to the Ferrari 70th Anniversary event and find the new Ferrari Portofino, the replacement to the Ferrari California.

You can follow Damian’s adventures here;

Big thanks to Hotel Savoy Florence for the incredible lunch. To find out more about their hotels, click here;

Music by:

Dyalla Swain https://soundcloud.com/dyallas


Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud

Filming & Editing by Sam.

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Ralph D says:

Do they get paid for longer videos ? 90% of the video is a waste of time. I fast forward anyway

Salvatore Cimino says:

Ferrari ?❤

Paulo Pereira says:

you find what, this video are stupid i see your car, and…

Mister Smiley says:

8:02 if you want to see the Portofino! XD

Tagu San says:

Bruh, all that food made me super hungry.

Vinchenzo C says:

Front looks too much like a Toyota. Fail.

Gabbiadini says:

God, what a toff cunt.

Biohazard España says:

Im in love with the back

z says:

9:01 "the spoiler is super agressive". There is no spoiler, so what the hell are you talking about…

Sk8Gaming88 says:

458 was better

Alec Morrison says:

i feel like they took inspiration from the gta california look alike which from the rear actually looked better than the real california

William XIV says:

You learnt the style from Cars With Luke

Waqas Ahmed says:

Looked like 812 superfast.. :-/

JFB 101 says:

My favorite Gay car channel. Well done STG, there's room for all of us you within the car world, no matter how camp.

Nelisa Sibiya says:

You suck at vlogging

Kate T says:

My dad getting a portofino in 2019

Dan Alex says:

i'm actually killing a jar of nutella right now but my mouth is watering over those dishes !!!!

Josh S says:

I'm not so much a Ferrari guy but Sam ur vids changed my mind

hexagon523 says:

I always laugh at all the idiotic "car experts" on Ferrari videos complaining about the car's looks LOL. "This is ugly, that is ugly…" fuckin classless opinionated morons. Can't even afford to buy an old Datsun but complaining about Ferraris. Pathetic fools.

platypus7653 says:

anyone else more interested in the cars to the left and right of the portofino, the classic ferrari race car and the other one?

Abhishek Kosuri says:

idk looks maserati ish at the front and aston martin looking rear

Heine Pedersen says:

Best looking Ferrari in the current line up.

Abe Shilu says:

hmmmm them shots at when you were eating. On point Sam keep it up!

P man says:

This color doesn't do it justice! In the delicious Ferrari red it is stunning! If this is what Ferrari call "entry level" what a bargain!

J Mos says:

Styling of the Porto is too polarizing. Has all the ingredients of a fruit salad. I'll take the California any day verses the Pigofino.

Rubén Escobar says:

Perfect ??

Nishchaiy Dakhane says:

Thank you brother for giving a glance of the trip. Love your cinematography. Keep posting ??

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