I NOW have the LOUDEST Ford GT in the World!

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surjit singh says:

Buy a Bugatti ciron

chigo okafor says:

Don't delete the rear deck lid please.

Brittany Harvey says:


Oh So The The Whole Time You Had More Cars Then Guns

Always Has Been.

JORDAN says:

That lamdo is Jake Paul's lamo

Tyler Cantwell says:

10 months later. The gallardo still isn’t done

Amila Sejdinovic says:

rip hedfoun yuzrz

CraZFigure says:

You know it's loud when you can't hear him yell

samia aadil says:

Oh my god,like all those cars

Daniel Fischer says:

Funny how the 5.4 is the same block that’s in a F150

marta hernandez says:

You are cool

sachin mankame says:

Why do you keep your car keys in the microwave????

Sexy Wood says:

I live like 2 mins away from u

Tristan Mastrogiaomo says:

The funniest part in the blog was when the Ford gt was next to a Honda CR-V lol

TheSeawolf277 says:

Someone in his life needs to tell him he dosent need to yell at the camera

Seup game says:

6:35 pogger face

Ritoshii says:

who is watching this on quarantine?

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