Iconic Ford Battle: Ford GT Carbon Edition Vs 1,400hp AWD Mustang // Hoonicorn Vs the World

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The Ford GT comes from a racecar that was born out of a classic David Vs Goliath story. Today’s Goliath, though, is called The Hoonicorn – and it hasn’t been beaten yet. But how are we gonna say no to seeing one of these super rare, iconic Fords get driven in anger… especially when it’s owned and driven by our good pal David Borla?

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There’s no point of racing hoonicorn against stock super cars except entertainment

Jonathan Upshaw says:

Blasphemi v hoonicorn

Jonathan Upshaw says:

Leroy v hoonicorn

Michael Key says:

You guys should stop racing things that you know your going to win against. Basically everything that you guys have raced, you already beat on paper. Put the Hoonicorn up against an actual challenge

Cktime ThirtyTwo says:

When you going to race cleetus and his vette kart?!

iliof1 says:

Do a race with koenigsegg.

ryan jenkins says:


That would be a VERY sick race for sure. In both of his cars Ruby AND Leroy

Avery Tagtow says:

You guys should race the stead man and some of his cars

kevineggsandbacon says:

Hoonigan vs 992 911 Turbo S. Let's see it!

Kagan says:

Who knew that a car with a 750hp disadvantage would be slower?

Jo Jo says:

Eco boost lol

Jacob Kristof says:

Do hoonicorn vs a drag snowmobile

Douggie Phresh says:

Line Ken up with an Underground 2000hp racing TT Lambo that will be awesome to see , or 1500 GTR 🔥🔥

Stephen Wirth says:

Y'all should race the hoonicorn against a Kawasaki H2R just for shits and gigs

Emeer Lee says:

That GT guy dont know how to use shifter lol

Gio Pierinelli says:

hoonicorn vs tuatara ssc

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