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I'M BUYING A ZENVO TSR-S! My First Hypercar | ROAD TO ZENVO Part 1

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I’m buying my first hypercar, a Zenvo TSR-S! Join me in Denmark for the announcement of my big news, with a factory tour at Zenvo and all the details to start of the ROAD TO ZENVO video series. This is going to be huge, and I could not be more excited to bring you along!

I will never forget filming my first Zenvo, the original ST1 prototype, during a visit to Parc Ferme in Dubai back in early 2014. Since then, I’ve met with the team around the world, filming the ST1, TS1 GT, TSR and TSR-S, including a ride in the latter in the South of France a few years ago with company founder, Troels Vollertsen. The TSR-S is a brutal beast built for raw emotion, power and engagement, with an in-house 5.8l twin supercharged V8 making 1,177hp.

For my first visit to the factory, we can explore around the showroom, specification suite, dyno, assembly hall and various stages of manufacturing to get a taster for what’s in store as things progress from here. My Zenvo TSR-S will soon go into production and that means an exciting journey as we can lock in the specification, get involved in the build and assembly, and ultimately bring the car around the world to visit so many of you who are part of this journey!

It’s a huge leap for me, to buy a car of this level is a massive commitment but to be in this position is more than a dream and I can’t thank you enough for being part of it. The plans we have during the build process, and for what the car will do after delivery are out of this world and going to be the most exciting things I’ve ever done on the Shmee150 channel. Thank you so much for making this possible and your ongoing support.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro and Announcement
01:23 Showroom
03:59 Specification Studio
05:27 Assembly Hall
06:40 TSR-S Dyno Run
08:20 Carbon Fibre Manufacturing
09:41 Dry Build
11:41 Spec Ideas
12:56 More Thoughts
14:31 Plans Ahead
15:42 Final Processing
17:03 Wrap Up

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Shmee150 says:

The news is BIG, I'm buying a Zenvo TSR-S! The Danish hypercar is going to be joining the Shmeemobiles, and better still we're going to see the car being born and brought to life with the Road to Zenvo video series. Thank you for being part of this journey, it's about to get even crazier!

ScorpiusHD says:

I thought your Senna was lol. Great additiong to fleet!

Tony Stone says:

Why buy these cars when everything will be electric in 20 years time. Waste of money

Omgannab says:

First danish car!! 🤩🤩

Tron Latimer says:

Can’t wait to see it finished brother.

Jeppe Klindt says:

Im from denmark i live on zealand like zenvo

Dank Memer says:

This bad boi has one of the most insane active aero I have ever seen. That wang on the back is such a show stopper.

everything will be ok says:

Impressive car but man, I just think it looks so ugly. Doesn’t have any of the proportions or subtlety of the established hypercars. Not to mention the ridiculous price. A 911 turbo s would run rings around this car in just about every category for a fraction of the price. To each there own though, and I think we all know Shmee isn’t exactly paying full price for this, um, totally non-promotional exercise and normal car purchase… Wink wink.

Conor McCallion says:

Can someone please tell me where this lad gets all the cash to buy these cars ????

Alpha Fort says:

good stuff! I hope it comes with a fireproof suit 😛

Hahahihi Express says:

are you the only one who bought Zenfo?

Bastian Wolder Møller says:

All Danes be like, :O

Marc Ryan says:

What does he do lol, million pound cars here ?

Premier landscape says:

Spec??? 🧐 CARBON !!!!!

Morten Hartvig Kristiansen says:

As a Dane, I'm thrilled that you're getting a Zenvo! Finally they are getting the attention they deserve!

Chris Cars says:

Congrats it’s a stunning looking car and sounds so amazing

Chippie says:

#my zenvo I love that Green with a Orange .if I ever had the money that would be my colour 👍 such a Beautiful car

jpdemer5 says:

Those Union Jack colors would look good on this car.

Pip Pipster says:

They need to bring out a twin injection twin supercharge.
Would love the acronym 🤣

38-Phan Thanh Sử says:

Congratulations 🎊 and have a good day with your tsrs 🙂

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