I'm BUYING an AMG GT BLACK SERIES! New Shmeemobile Spec Confirmed

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The new AMG GT Black Series is coming as a future Shmeemobile! I’ve secured an allocation for the new Mercedes track monster to join the garage so let me tell you all about it and the spec I’m going for while surrounded by an incredible full line-up of all 6 Black Series models together. I could not be more excited for this car!

Having owned the AMG GT R, GT R Pro, and more recently my SLS Black Series, it comes as no surprise that I’ve been seriously keen to add the new GT Black Series to the Shmeemobiles as a permanent keeper. The new car launched in summer after a long gap since the last model to wear the badge, and very soon it’ll be time to give an impression of what it’s like to drive as well.

Joining the event with my SLS BS that has now covered huge mileage, we’re in some great company with a clean sweep of the models to date including the 2006 SLK55 Black Series, 2007 CLK63 Black Series, 2008 SL65 Black Series, 2011 C63 Black Series, 2013 SLS Black Series and of course the new 2021 GT Black Series to top it off. The new car stands out in the lineup in the striking AMG Magmabeam paintwork, the halo colour choice for the new model.

There’s no question that the game has been moved on with the GT model, boasting incredible levels of aero and a huge power jump to 730hp with the new flat plane crank Biturbo V8. This is a serious machine, designed and built to be driven on the track, and that is exactly what mine will do amongst many thousands of miles to come.

Onto the specification, look away now for no spoilers! The UK will receive a total of 40 individual GT BS allocations plus a further 20 for the AMG ONE customers who receive one by default. However, the configurations are limited with a total of only 8 paint colours, 2 interiors colour stitches and the option to go to Comfort seats (which is madness!). My car will be factory ordered in Designo Graphite Grey Magno (satin black) to be the ultimate stealthy batmobile and a return of the Beast of the Black Hell. It will be finished with the grey interior details and of course the bucket seats. However, I’ve always been one for individuality so you can expect to see big changes post delivery including a change to my long desired AMG Solarbeam paintwork. It will be a dramatic change, but since I wrapped my AMG GT R yellow back in 2018 I always planned that should I get a new Black Series this would be my choice, and I even painted the SLS BS Mystic Blue to sit with Solarbeam together in the garage.

It goes without saying that I’m excited for this car, and the huge adventures that are to come ahead with it. Of any Shmeemobile to date, there is no question that this one will be the most used ever covering huge mileage across the world!

A special thanks to my friend Raz @rokenr for his help with the renders, including my SH61 MEE registration!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST says:

Talk, talk, and forget to open the hood to show the engine compartment and take us inside..
What Bs video..

spcnash1 says:

You should do the black paint with the orange interior. That would look pretty cool!

Lucifer the fallen one says:

Nice one if you need someone to drive your other around so it feels loved let me know 🙂

Alex Venous says:

3 gts are a bit too much don't you think?

Kocherlebnis Schmitt - The Love To Cook says:

der hat schon einen rennen..

Bohan Yuan says:

EHHMMMMMMMM…… All I have to say is “good luck”, because… The 2021 GT Black Series costs about $400,000…

Oh, and btw I’m a big fan of your vids. (Subscribed)

M You says:

6.2l engine not 6.3l for the CLK 63 and SLS. Maybe the MB marketing department involved in naming strategy.

Jeff DeArmitt says:

@shmee150 Can you get Magma Beam paint for your SLS Black??….then you'd have two one of ones…

zakkrick says:

Love the two tone orange and black

jeffrey wessels says:

Solar Beam Yellow !!!!!!

Egg Fried Rice says:

I absolutely was not surprised.

defaultuser0 says:

shmee black series channel

Peter Rayner says:

If I had money I would go for the sf90 which is similar price. Technology looks amazing on this Ferrari.

The Occasional Biker says:

No surprise Tim is getting one. Having said that one of the reasons I love this channel is that he goes for what he wants, no F's given, no matter what it costs.

Dan Ward says:

This guy is literally living the dream

Johnny B says:

You should have gone with satin black and orange stripes and interior

Mr Independent7 says:

GT500 update? Hope it’s Grabber Lime! Main colour missing in the collection.

D Flannigan says:

well done, it looks fucking awful.

Dany B says:

We all knew this is gonna happen

Chris Dorgan says:

Jesus, that's an ugly car… not BMW new M4 ugly but it's trying it's best. Especially when it's sat next to an SLS AMG Black series which is just beautiful

Thamjeed Ahamed says:

Am I surprised? No!

klaus trophobie says:

Congratulations for the new shmeemobile…😎

Douken says:

I didn't see this coming

Douken says:

I would have never imagined

Willem says:

Think it'll be solarbeam yellow

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