I'm the FIRST to go in the 300mph Bugatti Chiron Super Sport *WORLD EXCLUSIVE*

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We’ve been waiting YEARS to film a Bugatti here at carwow. Now finally, the day has arrived… And what a day it is!

Mat is officially the first journalist IN THE WORLD to get into a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+! He’ll be packing down in this record-breaking hyper car to feel just how quick it is when you put the pedal to the metal in a car that’s powered by a W16 8-litre turbocharged engine! It produces a ridiculous 1,600hp and can hit 60mph in just 2.3 seconds!

So not only is it the fastest car Mat’s ever been in, it’s also likely to be the most expensive! It’ll be limited to 30 units, and each will cost $3.9 million! So will it live up to the hype? You’ll need to keep watching to find out!

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Jupiter The gas giant says:

Bugatti chiron super sport can also reach 528 kmh

ExYlZe1 says:

At the end I thought he was going to say "want to know how much you can save on a new bugatti…" 😂😂😂

harenk says:

Amazing! Looks like Matt just had all his Christmases arrive at once 😂

matt gaetz says:

Wouldn't keep up with the Porsche 992 Turbo S on Nürburgring

Agent Smith says:

It seems slow from 0-100 😀

Murphy D says:

Comes with two pot plants also, bargain

natbarron says:

“More, more, more, more, more, more, more”

George Burgudjiev says:

What about the flowerpots at the back window? Are they included in the price?

276Sedv Lintsax says:


123Tubie says:

300mph 300kmh for now lol

Xi Jinpig says:

won't keep up to a Porsche 992 S Turbo on Nürburgring

j x says:

Speedo increases faster than my cars revs

AngryDuck76 says:

Matt giggling like he just took all the drugs in Europe was quite entertaining. I've never seen an OAP laugh like that 😂 PS he's younger than me (doesn't look as good 😉). So after that acceleration how boring will normal roads seem? Very!

Marcus says:

Third is the new First

oiuet souiu says:

Bugatti Chiron SS I'm the fastest car in the world. Porsche 911 in 5 years: Move outta my way, SSC Thrust!

Kamil M says:

Hi, in the title 300mph and on the film 300kmh what is this rubbish?

Funkyboozer says:

Why are there pot plants in the back windows?

Stephan Tranquille says:

5"21 Christian: Another school girl laugh like zat and he'z out of here!

krister lundgren says:

300 km/h, not mph.

Finn Balor says:

No you are not the first one faisal khan and super car blondie had already been here

Rosalie Bent says:

I just want a car with a speedo that goes to 500!!!!

M.M Games says:

Take a shot every time Matt says “isn’t it”

μαικ says:

there is going to be the second in list.
fastest car incoming 2021.
Chaos hyper car from greece.3,000 HP

Anshuman Ranjan says:

Thank god Matt did not do a stick of truth test on a Bugatti 😂😂

Дадажан Пахридтинов says:

KAZAKHSTAN 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿☝️👌

john akoijam says:

koenigsegg jesko absolut is faster

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