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IN DEPTH: Regera Explained by Christian von Koenigsegg

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Koenigsegg Automotive founder, Christian von Koenigsegg, takes us on a complete in-depth tour of his new hybrid megacar, the Regera.

Introducing the performance and capabilities, along with Koenigsegg’s unique technological developments, we explore the exterior and interior of their new car.

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DJ says:

The torque converter gives this thing a very strange driving experience… I'd rather have gears, the torque converter isn't very desirable

Bacher says:

We've surpassed "Hypercar" territory. We are now in "Megacar" teritorry

Doctor Mashigo says:

This is the only car I could spend millions on it just because of them doors ????

hotmojo1 says:

The lines…

Naufal Fakhri says:

why radiator is not enough? 9:20 is it occupied by the big engine? would be more functional if the rear end was just diffuser

Philip S says:

whats the difference between the single speed direct drive of this car and a CVT?

AlexVids says:

koe cars reek of quality. insane.

Michael H says:

This car is amazing! Id love to drive one some day. Thanks for sharing Shmee!

0B ZEN says:

Gonna be weird, 2,500 rpm, sounding like an old diesel, doing 150 mph 🙂

L E AN D R O says:

ok, so you dont need to change gears? there are paddles behind the steering…..did i miss something? how does it work?

Sameer Ali says:

Man this guy is a genious


0:24 I know what you did last summer

Erwin Dudas says:

A living legends,doge says much wow.

Linkto4 says:

What kind of symbol imprint on the middle back of the car, a ghost or Batman ? And why-there has to be a meaning of why it's there.

Mike, TheAnimated says:

0-300km/h in 12 seconds?!
What the FUCK did I just hear?!?!?!


christian is the best, you can tell his focus is on true ingenuity and creating an awesome car not about making the most money possible

eric gondran says:

Je l achète une fois que j aurais gagné a l euromillon blague à part très belle voiture

Dan says:

a race car with cup holders. love it

doug Miller says:

He looks like a James Bond super villain

Edgar Quint says:

lmao smhee " yea I can imagine"

Johnny Tampocao says:

This man is brilliant and he's very accommodating giving people so much time to explain every detail of his car. A great man as well. I wish to use his car in the next James Bond movie.

Nathan Fromme says:

koneseeg actual thought of everything

Junito Punto Comm says:

Koenigsegg is a genius…This guy think about everything !!!

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