In the Simulator with the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE! 🤯

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A step closer to our dream of F1 technology for the streets! Take a look at the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE in the Simulator with AMG test driver Maro Engel.

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Manny Manolo says:

How can you feel the G force??

The Real Mudafuka says:

Jimmmeerrr take a look at this

Mr robot Zzzz says:

I want see this vs Valkyrie around silverstone

Jimmy Huang says:

giant video game

m fiqri indra sentana says:

Grafic so suck

Hari Sankar H says:

You Have Hit a Wall !!

some small stuff says:

Can I want a chrismast gift

Pls Lewis Hamilton pls make memes

pls answer this comment

a lot of pls

superlegoboysz says:

"Never been done before, f1 powertrain in a roadcar"
Excuse me you may NOT ignore the renault F1 Minivan

howdareyou41 says:

I don't even need the car MB just give me the sim ty

John Micheal says:

Bottas: #$#$!! He gets to do the commercials too?!

Toto: We are trying to actually sell it. Wait, shouldn't you be in the mountains training? You need all the help you can get.

Magomed D says:

This is REAL play station 5!!!

k A says:

Ferraris chap are scraping their heads after whiteness this video…. well done merc always AHEAD'''

Adrito B says:

Can I have it. Pls.

Jameel Ja says:

I want this simulator…

kunal sutar says:

This reminds of CARS 3 simulation

Ahrcéus says:

Even Lightning McQueen can't imagine how astonishing the Mercedes' simulator is!

shubhankar munshi says:

Ferrari Speedo

Meredes ,,,,, 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Judder Martin Pajuelo says:

En mi Hause tengo uno igualito..

Sergio David Buitron says:

Con este simulador es normal hacer tal obra de arte como este Project One,como quisiera ver uno.

Sven Oberholzer says:

I would give anything to drive such a simulator once in my life

Helder Almeida says:

The graphics on that is from the 90's

CBGAMEZ 234 says:

Legend has it this is the safety car Lewis wanted 😁

TJ Sorinake says:

Imagine having THIS in your living room!

Nam Nguyen says:

i like how they messed up the hashtag lol "#MercededAMG"

mebeingU2 says:

Wow!!! And here I am fresh out of tokens!!

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