In the Wind Tunnel with the New Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

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[Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 12,8 l/100 km | CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 292 g/km | Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series]* Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here:

The detailed aerodynamic work also includes the now almost fully panelled underbody, which must not only meet aerodynamic requirements, but thermal ones as well (heat dissipation). The flat underbody is equipped with specially designed longitudinal fins. These air channellers have been meticulously optimised to ensure optimal air flow to the rear diffuser. The entire package accelerates air flow, significantly increasing downforce. All measures are coordinated and interact with the new rear aerofoil concept. The result of all these measures is a downforce level of well over 400 kilogrammes at 250 km/h.

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Mehdi BENCAID says:

As an engineer, this video gave me a braingasm… if only everybody can understand the technical achievements made just on the aerodynamics of this little beast.

tevzi05 says:

I wanna it😍

Extinction Rex says:

This car is awesome I drive it


Mercedes is Symbol of success

Gnacio G says:

My dream car!

SuperJet says:

Мерседес, почему бы вашим конструкторам вместо 6 литрового не поставить 8 литровый двс в Ваш гиперкар? удачи!

LayBe says:

This is car are super super super super super beautiful and powerful every Mercedes cars are always special


Aggressive looking design

Ratel says:

When I saw the back of the car I thought it was Porsche

Suraj singh Bisht says:

Looking like big brother of dodge wiper😂🤣

why says:

Gull wing doors for the 2nd(kinda)gen amg?

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