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Indian Kid Takes Ferrari 458 Italia to Lamborghini Aventador S Launch |Supercar Vlog India

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Hello guys this vlog is about how we indian kid took the ferrari for the aventador launch in india.
Aventador s is the upgraded version of the Aventador, so when we took the ferrari 458 italia to the launch we were surprise by many other supercars .
Aventador is one of the most good looking car and ofcourse performance lol the gear box .
We are are thankful to lamborghini Delhi for inviting us to check out the new lamborghini aventador S.

But as much as i love the dual clutch transmission of the ferrari 458 italia there is not comparison to that as how smooth the car is in traffic conditions.

Kids love to watch the supercars in india scene and I am more than happy to bring the scene to youtube for them.

The Aventador s launch in india was well managed and executed.

Please let me know which car has the louder rev between the ferrari and the lamborghini aventador.

This was the first time in India this has happened.
I love my India.

So i was in Dubai last week and i have some crazy supercar and hypercar content waiting for you, some mo vlog movlog type of content waiting for you and who knows he was a part of my vlog.

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can u make video of electronic car ( TESLA )

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Indian mo vlog
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I have an Audi r8.

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Chupaa hai tu

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I think his parents are Nepali

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I am having a lemborgini glardo spider so can i join you (my father is owner of bbt gurgoan)

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How much Lamborghini cost

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