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INFINITI Reinvents The Gasoline Engine — VC-Turbo

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The World’s First Production-Ready Variable Compression Engine
INFINITI VC-Turbo Engine – Sponsored by INFINITI
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Infiniti’s has developed the first variable compression ratio engine which will ever be used in a production vehicle. The compression ratio can vary from a highly boosted 8:1 ratio, to an Atkinson-cycle running 14:1 ratio. What this means is the engine can produce significant horsepower by using the low compression ratio with a turbocharger, or it can achieve excellent fuel economy by using a high compression ratio and an efficient engine cycle. Now there aren’t simply to modes the engine runs in, it can vary and run at any compression ratio between 8:1 and 14:1, allowing for optimal performance and efficiency for whatever the driving condition may be.

This video will discuss:
1. What is a compression ratio?
2. Why is it beneficial to change the compression ratio?
3. How does the engine alter the compression ratio?
4. What are the advantages of the VC-Turbo engine?
5. What are the balancing characteristics of the VC-Turbo engine?
6. How did INFINITI test this engine for durability and reliability?

The VC-Turbo engine will debut in the 2019 INFINITI QX50. It’s also incorporated within the Q Inspiration, a concept car INFINITI developed to speak to their new interior and exterior design language.

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Lammy m says:

This is more than cool

Rod Young says:

Motorbike engine as is would be a lovely step

Jhemuel Tubay says:

Wow new model

Onyx Knight says:

All that engineering for fuel economy and no talk about actual numbers.

JE V says:

More moving parts, more engine management. Yeah, I believe them when they said it's thoroughly tested *Roll eyes. A recall would put a big dent on Nissan's already small market share if they're not careful.

Brandon Crick says:

There is going to be a huge huge market for re-built and replacement turbos in the very near future!

Chris Laib says:

I love to see what Nissan, Honda, Mazda and Toyota can keep innovating on the nearly ancient internal combustion gasoline engine. Each have brought a game changer to the table in the last decade weather for power, durability or efficiency. This is an area that I would LOVE to see a homegrown company like Chrysler/Dodge (who could have the most powerful and fun domestic engines countered by the most efficient) or Chevy & Ford. I think there is still more that can be derived from ICE's before the inevitable change to electric & fuel cell vehicles

Steve Solo says:

Bad Ass! I can run a twin turbo at a higher compression ratio at lower RPM! I want to build a big bore V8, race version without VVR. The lack of rod angle is revolutionary but one side seems to have more angle than the other. How is RPM? How is linkage
wear? There must be numerous bearings, are they aluminum coated, or Babbitt? Will there be a race version for IRL?

Darwin Dwelle says:

Too many moving parts and to much to go wrong. Seems to me supercharging still is the way to go because no pressure on the motor until you stomp on it. No high compression until you hit the gas.

ChrisV2V says:

wow. This takes engines to next level

dean flores says:

I'm not even gonna joke. I'm a very abusive driver on my vehicles and yes the idea is amazing but I don't see it lasting past 100,000k especially under serious load and serious driving conditions. And this must be a nightmare to work on if you ever have bottom end issues

Martin Carter says:

Good clip son, nice to see you getting sponsored without being bent over the workbench. Hope the Atkinson engine concept finally gets a run, been around a long time, nice to see someone giving it a go (admittedly with a few no doubt proprietory tweeks). Thanks for the clip and explanation.

Schtuperfly says:

Do I need over an engineered vehicle that saves 5 cents in gas and cost thousands to fix?

B McC says:

this is amazing!!!

KindaLowAccord says:

Wow I’m impressed. I’m hoping they follow suit and develop a 6 cylinder version of this engine but I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon. Love the VQ37HR in my G37 Nissan/Infiniti are one of the leaders in engine design dating back to the 80s.

84impalaguy says:

I would love it if you would compare the MPG savings between this and Mazda's HCCI engine when they finally are released to the public.

Utah county Picazo's page says:

This would be cool if you could tune this backwards for power or only highcompression on demand at the drivers will. but I can see that this motor is gonna be expensive to rebuild and one wrong move and the whole thing would explode

Jerome Perales says:

If it lasts 300k than they have made a decent motor,

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