INSANE $$$ * Lease payments on a $3.5M Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport? * Trade Ferrari F8 as down payment?

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I get some leasing numbers on a $3.5M Bugatti Chiron and check out the all new Chiron Pur Sport
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fitfirst says:

You guys, this chump has money ! 😈

Quddus says:

Why would you want to lease a Bugatti

Dino A OK says:

I liked and Subbed to help you get that Chiron.

Cayman Island says:

This guy is a close talker I guess Covid is gone.

Thomas Dewsbery says:

If I was purchasing a $4M car, I would expect my sales guy to be in a full suit, tie and shirt with French cuffs. This guy belongs at the used dealership down the road.

David says:

Better buy Bitcoin with that kind of money 😉 Thank me later

Jonah Ray says:

Test drive a boo. Can't even test drive a type r

Steven Self says:

No way! Keep the Ferrari and your 65,000$$ a month my man!

Aidan E says:

I don't think that's how audio works my friend… lmfao "They add diamonds for actual clarity in the sound"…

Matty McNicholas says:

That car salesman was an arrogant, boring, boring man.

Bill B says:

65k for 200 miles? Fk that.

Thomas Callahan says:

I need to get into real estate. Screw import export.

Thomas Callahan says:

My Civic si is 500 month to buy. So my guess is 499. A month.

Ahmad Daood says:

Only worth it if you’re gonna buy it after the lease

Cody Provencher says:

go big or go home

manny pee says:

People with more money than brains

Ben Liu says:

I might able to afford gas on it, but definitely no insurance.

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