INSIDE LOOK * $1.7M – 1,700HP 4 SEATS – 250 MPH – Koenigsegg Gemera

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We get up close and personal with the all new 1,700 HP, 250 MPH, AWD, 4 Seat Koenigsegg Gemera!
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srinitaaigaura says:

Finally, a Koenigsegg that can break drag records. You must really get a Koenigsegg and help break drag records.

Star Emperor of Orion says:

I wonder when Koenigsegg are going make cars that are more affordable, like in the 500,000 to 650,000 dollar range! This car is amazing but it's definitely not worth 1.7 million dollars, I own three cars supercars and it's no where near 1.7 million dollars… and this is just one bloody car! how ridiculous.

Alan Wright says:

Doubt it is only $1.7 million, guessing it's a lot more than that.

Jan Lotvall says:


dantaliansaint says:

Who wanna pitch in and buy one with me?😂

Deon Grant says:

I would definitely buy one of those. Perfect for the family 👪. Only needs to Win the lottery

Kadion Preston says:

Hello dragtimes remember that kid it the barber shop that was me you had the cool 765 LT

Mandolin1944 says:

On the basis of pure content this channel should have 2 Million PLUS subscribers. There is really more useful and INTERESTING information here then almost anywhere — other car channels are just blogs with people bloviating end telling you mostly about THEMSELVES. A 2L three cylinder engine making 600 hp is starting to get into F1 range. In the 1980's the F-1 turbo era 2 L F1 cars were making 1000+ hp from 2L turbocharged engines.

Jörgen Löfgren says:


Funny Bologna says:

When we gonna see you in the venom!?

Via Shadow says:

anybody else watch Doug's review. I'm extremely happy to see a review of the car here on this channel. Thank you DragTimes!!!!!!!

TexRobNC says:

Honestly, I'm not a big "I gotta have my cupholder person" but if you go on a drive, me with my wife, you want one for a water, and then one for a coffee, soda, drink from a food joint, etc.

Danny Dobson says:

2 litre 3 cylinder that’s making 600hp … 🤯

Stacy Dornan says:

I'll take one

Stacy Dornan says:

I'll take one

Lou Stath says:

Brooks I think this is your next car ,palm off the McLaren and enjoy the ride in the time machine the “Gemera”!

Avik Sarkar says:

The car payments on this are a cool $62,000 per month, for 5 yrs. Let that sink in..

Josh Rinlee says:

I'd be happy with just one of those Koenigsegg pair of pants. Can't afford em probably tho.

Huxxy says:

The doors make quite a racket when opening don’t they…sounds like activating a crane

Taps says:

it's really an incredible car, but am I the only one who really doesn't understand why that huge screen at the back seat.

Ray S says:

Dream 3 car garage = gemera, t50s, Jaguar E type

Jon G says:

Sell your Ferraris and your 720 S and buy this car. 🤗👍🏻

Tesla P3D says:

Congrats Elon, you've dicked around long enough with the new roadster that when it finally gets released, it won't live up to any of your boasts…..and will just be average.

Return What You Stole says:

Omg call me when the car is actually driving. So many months past and yet nothing yet😭

Aps Reen says:

Brooks is the kinda guy who doesn't even care about what Mclaren said about him
Now that's Maturity

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