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Is a Pagani Huayra Worth FOUR TIMES My Lamborghini Aventador S?

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I push my Lamborghini Aventador S AND Marbek’s Pagani Huayra to the limits on the Castle Combe Circuit in Chippenham UK.

Dave wanted me to race my £300k Lambo wrapped in the Million Subs Wrap up against Marbek’s £1m+ Huayra to decide which was the better supercar. Obviously I had to bring along my good friend Xavier Barnett to help me decide. We compare the exhaust sounds, acceleration, interior, comfort, handling, breaking and even how you feel driving each one. 🙂

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Dave Mike says:

Get a proper driver in the Huayra and it would piss all over the AV

vladimir j. paul says:

Just answer the question… Huayra > Aventador

scrratta Cruiser says:

Are you Muslim yani

Daniel Earl says:

‘Yes it is’

Safat Raihan Sakib says:

And everyone was expecting a drag race .. I suppose

Blue water king says:

I’m not big on the paint job but dope car

Hannes Kisslig says:

That Richard Mille though.. Few hundred K's

Philip says:

Lamborghini Aventador S not the best car you should have worked hard in life and then you can have nice things and a better car

Daniel Rankin says:

The real question is…
Can it beat a Toyota Prius?

Cct Tv says:

Both great cars. How about a mclaren nxt yianni. Ps love ya new TV show. The stripes on the pagani are just right.

Jhardwork Pays off says:

I love yianni’s new show on dave crazy how much episodes hes got hard work pays off ?❤️?

Aithshaam Rangzeb says:

Can u wrap a iPhone 6

Charlie A says:

Omg I live right next to castle Combe

Nadim Zahid says:

Hi I'm your best fan plc do my car

Jack Buckingham says:

I have been through castle Combe on a ford gt40

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