Is The Car Worth It? 9FF GT9 VMAX – Asphalt 8

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Thanks for more than 1,400 subs guys! This is the first episode in many weeks, so I hope you guys enjoy this video. There was not much screaming, so I hope this video was bearable. Thank you for strong support as we are about to break 1,500 subs and 150,000 views total!

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Manaswin Chayengia says:

THE INTRO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Gembul Studio says:

Hey guys, i make this petition for make Asphalt 8 great again. Can you please sign in and share this petition to other…😁😁

Prempeh Caleb65 says:

Bro any help for me to receive my seasonal rewards (April 20)and I can't play de MP either

Sirak Shiferaw says:

The beginning of this video already made me cringe

XxgamerhaccxX y a y says:

Shoutout me pls I want my channel to grow and I love ur vids❤️

Heng Ly says:

Hey aris your intro is funny i like your intro

deepmala verma says:

I Subscribed

deepmala verma says:

It is funny

Jacob Mark Juan says:

Do lamborghini urus

M-A-R -K-O says:

you the best

Nachocheesefan123 says:

I subscribed a lont time ago ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Palma123 says:

I’ve subscribed!!!! Now can I have a Shoutout? Please check out my channel!!!!

Zain Eddine says:

This car's speedometer displays 540 kmh at MAX+PRO+TK+NITRO

Nemanja Palija says:


Uncle Sam Who is a Koenigsegg fan says:

This car was the king of S class!!

Sana Hussain says:

Pleese put in the shoutout

Eric Mutenza says:

Thank god it is removed

That guy who hate weebs says:

nice video man

alex lupan says:

Your channel is the best

Can I get 5000 subs With no vids? says:

I SUBBED!!!!!!

Rice says:

I subed before you reached 10k subs 😀

Chhun Lux says:

This car sucks

Swiffy says:

shout me out

Steven Yu says:

I thought the 9ff was a Porsche

Milky Way The Angry Birds Fan says:

sesto elemento fAST THEN 9FF

Hyper Dino Dude says:

Plz can I have a shout out I subbed and liked

Grayden Goh says:

aris shoutout me in the next video can

EG Trains says:

i love your channal, Please shoutout to me

Speedy 6362 says:

I love you videos

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