Is the new McLaren GT a proper GT supercar? 2000km Euro tour review

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The McLaren GT is the first of McLaren’s new GT model line, designed to compete head on with the likes of the Aston Martin DB11 and Bentley Continental GT. To find out if a mid-engined car can really be a true GT, I took one first to the chilly North of England, then across to Le Mans in France and finally on to Saint Tropez.
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Isaac Newton says:

Harry I won't look up to you. I feel everyone else has an agenda and you're my only hope for honesty. When you ride in the so-called supercars would you please do it in comparison to the 911 Porsche Turbo S. I asked you this to do Porsche Justice and also because I own one. See honesty is the best policy

Edgar Ribon says:

Thank you for this review even though it was over 2 years ago. You gave me answers that I had regarding strongly considering this car for my choice of GT/ Supercar.

ellenio schiano says:

it is a shame that is junk

Sam Cyanide says:

the 911 turbo s seems like just the better version of this car

Chad Baptiste says:

I'd love to see your impression of the Speedtail!

Silverariel says:

Awesome guy Harry. Good luck

Henry Michael Wilson says:

Hummers. I don't know what you are going to tell us. They look big until you squeeze in side. A lot of engine inside the cockpit. It's like when the Mitsubishi Shogun was all the rage they were a load of crap to. Yanks make some other 4x4s like the old blazer or bronco ther biggest droback was having a large V8 under the bonnet. So it all stems back to the Range Rover for that bit of comfort.


-5⁰C….Global warming?…I shall laugh at the left wing snowflake millennial hippies as my McLaren dashboard says -5⁰C….Mind you, Harry did have shotguns in the car!🤣

Nick Marr says:

I'm lucky enough to live just on the edge of the Trough of Bowland, Harry. Great to see you in my neck of the woods.


Awesome Tour de Force!!!
tour de force
[ˌto͝or də ˈfôrs]
An impressive performance or achievement that has been accomplished or managed with great skill. Thanks Again Harry!!! 😎😎😎


Keine Standheizung???

TheMister Mann says:

Great video about a great car, if only it didn't have those ridiculous doors. Unless you have a private garage that you can take everywhere, the GT must be a nightmare to park in public car parks. Chances are the car parked next to you will prevent you from opening your door!

Anne Green says:

The real mustard individually puncture because crowd macroscopically knit throughout a tremendous save. acrid, majestic appliance

N3STRo says:

Very underrated car, what a beautiful profile that car has, long and sleek, reminds me of the Jaguar XJ220

Lord Flathead says:

That's it> Confirmed I am now looking for the right Big Mac. Everything I want from a GT. As always a fantastic and detailed review, thank you.

steffydog1 says:

Great trip and video as always, thanks

William Bregnard says:

When I grow up or in my next life, I want to be like Harry. Proper Gentleman.

Owen Lewis says:

I’m with Harry, can’t get on with the looks.

Dave Gillan says:

'Like aperitif after fine dining' 
Really???? and I always thought that digestif came after dining.

David Legard says:

Sorry, Harry, lemmings don't come in a 'herd'. The proper term, apparently, is a 'slice' of lemmings.

Ian Crawford says:

You are the Daddy…..only proper real Tests…..

David Moody says:

🤣 one of my favourite pubs. The first time I took the Mulsanne there I parked between a Phantom and a DBS. Great roads, views and hospitality. Not sure about the McLaren. But then again I’m Bentley through and through.

Cosi Cave says:

Your enthusiasm shines through for this one, Harry.
A lovely car and a proper assessment of its GT role – complete with real-world weather!
I agree about the brakes. Unless one's idea is track use, give yourself £7k bonus for the subtlety of steel.

Mike Whincup says:

The car sounds terrible.
That alone should disqualify it Vs the REAL GT cars.

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