Is this $3,400,000 Hypercar a Scam?

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The W Motors Lykan Hypersport landed a starring role in Furious 7 as a locked up “beast in a cage.” What was weird about that, is that most people had never heard of the Lykan Hypersport before that. What was this strange supercar, and was it worthy of the praise Dom and Brian gave it? We looked into it, and the story behind W Motors and the Lykan Hypersport is deeper, and more eye opening than I ever imagined.

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TR Roland says:

Now, some of the people behind this car are behind Jennarelly Design 1.

Tanner Freeman says:

It’s like the other middle eastern hyper car

dedik purwanto says:

Simple say…."It is stupid expensive car to accommodate dumb rich people ego".

LittleMonkOfWar says:

If everyone donates 1 dollar you can by a Pagani Huayra!!!

Lohan De Silva says:

anyone had 3.4m$ for a car would've bought a pagani or bugatti (no offense but koenigsegg is street illegal )

alexntemperley says:

In economics it's called a veblin good. They go against the typical supply/demand market forces. With veblin goods, typically the more expensive they are the more people want them. Case in point: Rolex vs Casio.

Destroyer Boss says:

4:20 I understand Arabic and where he's pointing it says 1/7

Don Youssef 🌵 says:

suspension is kinda sus, if you ask me

irent rooms says:

This is called beaten up with wet shoe.

Metalhead says:

How can someone even assume this could be fake when the 2nd vid on YouTube about this car is a guy who's driving it? 😂

Sabber Ahmed says:

This not a hypercar, but a Hypecar. thats all.

Fortress Fighter says:

the car looks like a weird modded corvette c8

Joanna Perfecto says:

Mo pawo babeh

Robert Plajhnik says:

Above all.. it's UGLY AF… Like Lambo and Mc Laren had a night together…

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