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I’ve BOUGHT a NEW TVR Griffith!

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TVR ARE BACK! This is the new TVR Griffith, revealed for the first time at the Goodwood Revival and I’m pleased to say that I have an order for an early car as a future Shmeemobile! What do you think?

The British marque came under new ownership 4 years ago and is back now with the resurrection of the Griffith name; a car focused on driver engagement with a naturally aspirated V8, manual gearbox, rear wheel drive and a host of trick technologies. Developed in partnership with Gordan Murray Design and Cosworth; it’s powered by a 5.0l V8 with 500PS and weights just 1250kg with the iStream chassis. Top speed is in excess of 200mph and the sprint to 60mph comes in sub-4; it’s fast! The design is iconic TVR with side-exit exhausts, touches that come from their history but a modernised and completed look. The man in charge, Les Edgar, assures also that this is a new company and therefore reliability will be in a new league.

I have a deposit placed via the lovely folks at Top Cats Racing, due for an early car in early 2019 (or late 2018 if I’m lucky) and honestly, I cannot wait! This is designed as a purist driving machine, it’s an iconic British manufacturer, and I’m very excited for their journey.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Shmee150 says:

TVR ARE BACK! This is the new TVR Griffith, revealed for the first time at the Goodwood Revival and I'm pleased to say that I have an order for an early car as a future Shmeemobile! What do you think?

Coco Man says:

I hate it. I was very excited about TVR coming back with their characteristic old school design but now I am very disappointed. It jus doesn't looks like a TVR. I am blaming the front and the rear lights mainly. My expectations where something somewhat similar to Cerbera which is my favorite TVR.

wayne h says:

its beautiful

Ardhana Hariwidagdo says:

I like it! I wonder if tvr will make new models after the griffith and make their own new motor again (i'm personally still ok with the griffith's souped up mustang motor)

Zylon FPV says:

I bet the exhaust sound with the windows down will be fantastic. The exhaust is right near the windows 🙂

LarryUK says:

The interior looks a bit kit car.

Hugh Oxford says:

Great publicity for TreVoR's motor manufacturing company.

4k Pixel says:

Back: TOP / Front: FLOP

C B says:

What does it say when the comeback car doesn't look as good as the old car? I think the Sagaris looks much better. The only nicer part of this new car is the interior. Because most TVR interiors always sucked. They looked weird and cheap. The Sagaris interior is awful. This interior is nice. But the exterior the Sagaris is way better looking. Even the 350 is. The front on this one looks like a sad fish.

citic101 says:

Buy British … well done …. !!! doesnt look very good but putting your money where your mouth is, so hats off to you :

Rich 91 says:

shmee150 turned into a TVR knob, see you at ace cafe mate

Rudy Rotz says:

Ugliest car ive ever seen
Id rather choose VW golf R over this

Liam says:

Its minging but I bet it goes like the clappers….


Way back when there was a gold TVR with Red interior with way too many speakers stuffed in it. Fell in love with the TVR and even kept a magazine that it was in for a good decade or so. I really like this new one. Fresh looks yet has the TVR look at it's core. Not crazy about the semi goofy smile it has from the front but like any TVR you grow to love it. Possibly coming to the states. More euro cars need to make their way here.

Joshua Rosen says:

You must be absolutely mad.

I'll see you standing by the side of the road the first time it rains after you get it (that's if you aren't upside down in a ditch).

Nassim Benatia says:

I like the back a lot

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