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Jaguar I-Pace – Soon ready to fight Tesla Model X [YOUCAR]

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The Jaguar I-Pace will be a long distance sprinter that accelerates to 60 mph in around 4 seconds, with a range of more than 500km (NEDC cycle) from the 90kWh lithium-ion battery. Charging is easy and quick, with 80 per cent charge achieved in just 90 minutes using 50kW DC charging.
Compact, lightweight electric motors at the front and rear axles generate a combined output of 400 horsepower and 700Nm of torque, with the all-weather benefits of all-wheel drive. The I-PACE will also deliver the agility, ride comfort and refinement that will set it apart from all other electric vehicles: it will be a true Jaguar and a true drivers’ car.

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Yohance Rodriguez says:

I can't put my finger on why this car looks so good!

Peter Sze says:

The problem with traditional car makers producing EV is that they are half-hearted.

tomte47 says:

Looking good !, though 50kw charging is not gonna cut it for long distance traveling, tesla has set the standard with there 120kw charging so they need to get it up to around those numbers.

Prince Charles Edward Larkin says:

{Two Words} Mazda CX9


What color is that? ferari red?

Christopher Martinez says:

That jag goes 0-60 in 4 sec,Tesla 0-60 2.4 seconds!that's nothing

Christopher Martinez says:

Still can't beat Tesla!

Slippy says:

i hope they price it less than the x , then we are looking at something big here ,

Slippy says:

way less laughable than the model x , and i like Tesla

Callum Williamson says:

Open electrical receive net stability civil button dress sweep.

kitez123v says:

si va costar más que un Tesla no creo que deban decir que es competir, aunque hay muchas cosas que tomar en cuenta, pareciera que todos los que me quieren hacer competencia a Tesla van enfocados a gente millonaria

hallie Sartelle says:

Is that the new body for the Dodge Caliber?

Josh McCullough says:

Get rid of the ICE grill and we'll talk.

Themoigt says:

Why does the back need to be so squared? Whyyyy¿

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