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Jaguar iPace | Fully Charged

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Robert gets a ride around Hollywood in the slightly disguised 2018 Jaguar iPace, Jaguars first 100% electric compact SUV.

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themorganator says:

genuinely interested in this vehicle now.

blxtothis says:

I do believe that my lust for a Model 3 has been transferred to Jag!

pcawley1964 says:

When you were in California did you review a Chevy Bolt?  Looking for your opinion

Jeff S says:

Not sure I understand all the secrecy of that test drive when we have seen what the car will look like for quite some time now. I would soooo love to get one when it comes out. Now though, I'll go with the new beautiful E-Pace.
I'll say this on this video too. For EV to really take with the public, there needs to be a substantial charging network like Tesla has (and continue to add to). First, the car manufacturers need to get together and come up with one plug style so each car doesn't need their own charging network or stations needing to offer 8 different plugs. Now, the majority of EV driving will be to and from work and weekend errands. For that, the car gets charged overnight at home and isn't typically a problem. But, occasionally you will want to take a trip or go on vacation. And as EVs become more popular, perhaps they will be the only thing in the garage. My thought is to have the charging network to start with hotels. Your vacation destination mostly will include a hotel. Your car gets charged there each night for free as a perk for staying there. If your trip is longer, a hotel will be on your way that you can charge up during a break. That will have a fee since you aren't staying there.

RainbowPixelationGaming says:

It looks amazing! This will be really cool to see more of, I'm trying to get people around me in to EV's already, trying to talk atleast one person in to a new 2018 Leaf! 😀

WolfoxBenny says:

@fullychargedshow 1 question: Now Graphine batteries will arrive and they say you can charge it in 5minutes (more or less) But in theory if I have a 9KWh battery in Graph. or Lith. with a 3kWh charger limited by my Home supply I will charge both at the same time, right? Graphite will make things safer and lighter, but charging home speeds will not change, so no improvements. I'm not in a Electric orientated country for now, so I think about this things.
Hope was clear, Thanks

Ivor Holtskog says:

One petal? What happens if you have to make an emergency stop?

CougarGame says:

I wanted this or a Tesla but my Wife don't like Tesla so i will have to wait for this lmao

Koito rob says:

That's all very nice, BUT, when do we see what the other two letters of JLR can produce?
Just make sure it's all properly waterproofed, because i like to get the water up around the windscreen when i go through 'puddles'

DroneSquad says:

5:49 Mercedes Maybach 🙂

B. James Maher says:

I really hope the ipace has a metal roof option.  I just can't buy a car with a glass roof.

Mr Rob says:

Jaguar saving the World, Doubt it but Thanks. Really Thank You…

Michael Myers says:

Does it have any springs in the suspension? It doesn't look like that when rumbling over the street… But on the other hand it could be a nice car.


The video gives the impression of a stiff suspension — it moved noticeably over bumps. How did it seem to you as a rider? (How does it compare to the Model S, e.g., which is pretty stiff?)

Ian Ffield says:

None of the manufacturers will compete with Tesla, simply due to the lack of adequate charging infrastructure. Who wants to sit there for hours, waiting for a charge? In a Tesla, just top it off for 15-45 minutes every 2-3 hours and then on to the next Supercharger…

Steve Clarke says:

I put down a deposit before Christmas. It ticks all the boxes for desirability. I only hope I can afford one.

Mister Metric says:

Well done Robert, very interesting to see how Jaguar are developing their "offering". Looks like a really nice vehicle. Were there any inkling of price in the UK? I have heard circa £50K mentioned, any news on that?

Mitchell Smith says:

Good for you getting to the show and getting the demonstration.

Fred Blogd says:

Nothing to see here then 🙁

Buster P K says:

It would be great if you could do a show about EV vans and where are they? We have eNV200 and that's it. Ford hybrid next year. Getting vans electric would have been where to start I'd have thought.

WutheringHeights says:

New drinking game: take a shot every time you hear the driver say, 'Exactly' ???

RWBHere says:

Pardon the imposition here, but the point needs making for all those decent channels which face de-monetisation:

Hi, folks! Check out the Clifford Rutley channel. channel. He needs 525 more subscribers within 4 weeks, to avoid being de-monetised by Google. Thanks.

Thanks for allowing this comment, Robert. Too many smaller channels are being de-monetised unfairly by the new Youtube policy.

Roy Gardiner says:

Careful Robert – learning the mnemonics (e.g. NVH) might turn you into a motoring journalist !

Vlad Mihai says:

Electric vs Gas is like SSD vs HDD. You get more range with Gas (more storage space with HDD), but response time (performance) is day and night in favour of electric.
So, again, who would refuse and SSD instead of an HDD?

Roger Atkins says:

TOP SECRET? Well you’ve really gone and let the CAT out of the bag here haven’t you?!…

Jojo Estanero says:

Why not turn on the a.c.?

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