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JC Racing Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6

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E-Manage Ultimate with 8000rpm rev limit

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Hamdan Mohamed says:

Tuning mana ni? Berapa kos

Calum White says:

Yes, we know.

upbeatmantis86 says:

it wont accelerate like that, in real world the car has to face wind resistance ..

Thomson Trang says:

@Bmwm6340 I think I know that? I said he has his handbrake light on so that means he isn't driving this on the road, duh! Obviously its on a dyno.

Primitive Blast says:

@thomisonnnnn he pulls the handbrake cause he's on a dyno and it's an FF

Primitive Blast says:

what about the fifth gear man? pull it in!

Thomson Trang says:

If you say its fake, you probably no nothing about cars or have shits for brains. At 0:33 the handbrake light is on and at the end he gets out of the car.

Bernie Benassi says:

that guys was mentioned bout (E-Manage Ultimate with 8000rpm rev limit)

Superbracey says:

I'm glad that there are people saying it's a fake and that it's on a dyno. Because here's me thinking the person filming it got out of the driver's door at 200km/h at 0:35s!

leezld says:

Nice engine sound and exhaust note! What mods do you have on it? 🙂

PowerPrads says:

Car can do 200km/hr in 4th gear with out a prob i hav done it in a stock & its obvious tis is on a dyno ,simple cos u can see the handbrake light on.

sabadashi says:

@tangul1989 it's a dyno. xD

Mudathir Syed says:

It's not fake..it's on a dyno.

sandler adam says:

it's on dyno! the sound…

Thomas Lotzmann says:

ahaa mein Swifti macht knapp 9000u/min STANDFEST!

Jm3 MTB says:

what turbo is that td04? or t25 or something? what piggyback or standalone did you use to get 8k rpm
i collect my brand new sport on monday.
im looking at buying the suzuki sport supercharger kit. or using my old starlets ct9.

Hellzane says:

OMG da ist doch nichts kaputt gegangen, jedenfalls noch nicht… Naja, ich würde auch gerne wissen ob das Auto nach fahrtüchtig ist, auf jeden Fall sind diese Suzuki Swift Sport hammermässig, die auf der Nordschleife sowieso, die gehen ab wie die Sau und das mit 125 PS. Ok dieser hier hatte viel mehr Leistung, jenseits von Gut und Böse, aber der würde so einige schnelle Wagen liegen lassen.

Piedutch says:

Won't your car blow or overheated? Because it's insane.

Gid13Gid says:

noch weiter kann man ja nich drehen

MasterFowlthx says:

Ich bin keiner, der etwas dagegen hat, wenn man den wagen ein wenig in den roten Bereich dreht, aber das ist schrecklich, dass tut ja schon weh, wie kann man ein Auto denn so weit drehen? *grausam*
Was ist den kaputt gegangen, Getriebe?
Aber wie ist der Wagen den insgesamt, überlege, ob ich mir einen zulegen soll.
Wäre um Rückmeldung dankbar ^^
MFG MasterFowlthx

Jack Tay says:

can i ask if the emanage ultimate can remove the speed cut on the JDM swift sports?

Krystal LeChuck says:

It's a dyno run…come on this is cheap…

Ricardo Yearwood says:

Am, Its a front wheel drive on a dyno.the handbrake is not an issue

Franky says:

omg wie kann man is in den roten dreh´n noob

gentle285 says:

souuund:) but its dyno 🙁

Gerlof Komduur says:

Is it on a dyno run?? Sounds like it.

Tamás Püski says:

fuck Its cooooool! 😀 how much is this tuning set? 0-100 is about 6

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