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Jeep Driving in the Snow Avoiding Stuck Cars

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I DID STOP AND HELP STUCK CARS, JUST NOT THE ONES SHOWN IN THE VIDEO. It wasn’t safe to stop and get out in the shots shown in the video, cars were sliding around like pinballs and I didn’t want to get hit.


We had almost 9″ of snow during morning rush hour on my way to work. Boy was I glad I was driving my Jeep! My Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with 35″ Goodyear Duratrac tires did awesome in the snow. The first shot I tried passing a line of cars in an empty lane but quickly discovered why they were stopped. I had to bail over a few medians. Later a black SUV goes around a stuck car and gets high-centered on a median. My Duratracs and truetrac locker were amazing in the 9″ of snow we got in 5 hours.

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Berserker Offroad says:

I DID STOP AND HELP STUCK CARS, JUST NOT THE ONES SHOWN IN THE VIDEO. It wasn't safe to stop and get out in the shots shown in the video, cars were sliding around like pinballs and I didn't want to get hit.

Jscooldude says:

I do this all the time In my subie and Chrysler

Owiko7 says:

winter tires… I run mine at 24 psi or less in a RWD Van, the only thing that is a struggle is starting/stopping on pure ice.

DarthRiggle says:

5yr old video but damn did your towns public works dept go on strike or something I'd be pissed if I lived their.

Stryker chan says:

what state was this in?

e duran says:

Like a boss?

Big_Gucci Sosa says:

Lol this Kansas City

tyler durden says:

I got a fever and the only prescription is more Jeep driving snow vids

David C says:

I got Duratracs for my Jeep mainly because of this video. I'm ready!

carforumwanker says:

way too fast and possibly Mud type tyres rather than full winters ?

razvan dragomir says:

What City is this?!

ddaddybass says:

What is so impressive about this?

starlessxr says:

Dude, I've gotta know what state is this. Love the snow fall!

Herbert Feldman says:

If you had a real wrangler it would have been a better video. U wouldn't of needed tires

William H. Olsen says:

Tires or belt?

mellow m says:

omg the end crash through the big snow bank 😀

Don Mughal says:

Like a Champ.

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