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Jeep Wrangler 33 vs 35 vs 37 Inch – How To Select The Best Tires

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Are you considering changing the tire size on your Wrangler? In this video, Ryan will walk you through everything you need to know when choosing a larger sized tire, the pros and cons, and three tires which we highly recommend.

To start things off, we will show you three Wranglers with three sizes of tires: 33-inch, 35-inch, and 37-inch. With differences in tire size come pros and cons which you will need to consider before making your purchase. After talking you through a few comparisons, we will then show you the differences in how these tires perform on and off-road! You’ll see how the tire sizes perform differently and learn what tire size might be best for you and your rig!

If you’re diggin’ the tires and want to learn more, check them out here:

33″ NITTO Terra Grappler G2 Tire – http://terrain.jp/2mhH3ck
35″ NITTO Trail Grappler Tire – http://terrain.jp/2lhcX8b
37″ NITTO Trail Grappler Tire – http://terrain.jp/2lhcX8b

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Robert Majestic says:

Do you write a script for your videos before filming? If so, please do a ctrl-f for the phrase “going to be” and delete them all. Thank you!

Juan Pablo Correa says:

Very usefull! Thanks

Mexvette says:

I notice that when you went over the log the second time that the spur jutting out from the log was positioned down and sideways! If your going to come off as objectionable have the log facing the exact same way?

MrAloquetiao says:

I’m running on a 31” tire

Jacob Dickinson says:

3 inch suspension lift and 1 inch body lift with 35" MT/R's.

Блейк Джордан says:

I run 44” tires on my Wrangler

healthyamerican says:

i`ll take 37`s and a big SRT engine upgrade

FelixD cat says:

Nice video 33"

steve smith says:

The log was not in the same position for the 33 vs the jeep with the bigger tires, The taller part of the log was facing upright for the first jeep , and no so for the second.

Benjamin Santos says:

What gears should you run on 37’s?

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