Jerod Shelby | SSC Record Personal Statement

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SSC North America Founder and CEO shares a personal statement regarding the speculation around the SSC Tuatara top speed record run conducted on October 10, 2020 in Nevada.


Allen Saunders says:

Now we know car can't even reach 300mph so 331mph was a joke

Tan Tan says:

Great for acknowledging

With due respect, I must say Sir Koenigsegg Absolut is the only car capable of doing such yet.

Your real time shall come.

James Pierre III says:

Hey…..come with it¡!!!! SCOOBY¡!!! JONESTOWN!!¡ Wanna see¿???

Vernon Ray says:

Good man…. Most ppl would be a total dik about this

Jose Briseno says:

I have no doubt your going to bust out with a new world record and even bigger results you can only go up from here on and win big.

coman says:

Still waiting for the re-run

Hari W says:

I must be blunt here, this long winding statement by Mr. Jerod Shelby is a very charitable way of saying, "Yes, we cheated, but we wont ever admit it".

John Creed says:

Does it really matter though, you've built a beautiful vehicle. Only place you could run these speeds is autobahn anyway. But I tip my hat to you and your team good sir.

AB-80X says:

So interesting that you are still silent. You made new runs and even set a record. Yet you act as you want it all to be forgotten. Can't blame you Jerod. You were caught lying and cheating, and you tried to cover it all up. Then you tried to redeem yourself with the new run, but fell so incredibly short of the previous number that it just cemented your original lies. Mark my words Jerod. SSC will forever be remembered as the company that cheated with the speed record. Even if you went out and hit a 316 average number, and a 331 top number, the lies are what we remember.
If you break the 300 mph record with say 301, we still know you lied and tried to pull a fast one. There's no turning back, and there's no redemption.
You sealed the fate of SSC and their reputation when you and SSC decided to make false claims and proceeded to lie about the verification.

RobReports says:

Great video… Beautiful car.

DeNiIiIiIiIi says:

what Koenigsegg is the fastest!


you can do it dude

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