Ken Block’s Subaru Impreza Modified

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Ken Block Subaru Impreza Modfiye Videosu..

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SadieJ says:

wonder why an open deck block?

Rotaru Sergiu says:

“Luckiest B@st@rd“ EVER

Lemurai says:

these sons of bitches make it look so easy..

darius jah'skush says:

this is not bad quality for a potato tho

wholbrook1991 says:

fuck you and your 240 fps

Mike Smith says:

I know it's a stupid question but is the STI have more power ?

TheGhostOfLegion says:

Не уважаю его уже, этот ублюдок продался в сраный "форд"

assclown says:

is it cheaper to buy just the shell of an sti?

QuinnBattleWraith says:

needed a wide body dang it

MagicPoptartz14 says:

Was it changed from 4 wheel drive or not?

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