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Get Up To Speed on Ken Miles, the legendary racecar driver featured in the movie, #FordvFerrari On Blu-ray & Digital. Get it now:

Ken Miles (played by Christian Bale in the film) was the reason Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) found success on the track with his Shelby Cobras, and why Ford beat Ferrari with their GT40’s in the 1966 24 hours of Le Mans. From driving tanks on the beaches of Normandy, to running his own mechanic shop, Miles was known to do things his way. He built his own winning MG’s and raced Porsche 550 Spyder’s to podium after podium. His skills led him to becoming Carroll Shelby’s Chief Test Driver and he was just getting started. So how did Miles go from being a high school drop out to almost being the first driver to ever win the Triple Crown? Join James as he gets you Up to Speed on Mr. Sidebite himself. This is everything you need to know on Ken Miles!

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Scribbled Car Wheels says:

One of the most underrated drivers who is finally getting some face time

zKahen says:

Dude this was so emotional, i actually cried with ya, excellent content as ever.

Kai Waters says:

Man this video made me emotional asf

Shubrojit Biswas says:

7000 RPM
That is what matters
RIP Ken Miles
The legend of Motor 😭😭😭

Honda crx Vtec says:

Oh man! Thats storie always make me cry too! It was such unfair for Ken!

Kali Douglas says:

greatest driver of all time

Alex Toonz says:

I cried when I watched the movie, it was a strangely sad feeling that I haven't felt before, probably a mix of Regret, sadness and respect all at the same time.


this makes me cry

Landong says:

2:22 I dont know. Why did my friend have a 450cc 4wheel when we were in 4th grade. Some questions are just unexplainable

toptime123 henn says:

Ken miles goes miles.

Sean Crumby says:

Love the story, not your camp

7 Rings For A GOAT says:

“If you don’t pay your taxes, the IRS is going to find you, and take your stuff…”

Yeah, unless your part of the billionaire class.

I Am Maximus says:

Powerful Tribute,
They should give Ken Miles
An Honorary Triple Crown 🏆🏆🏆

Laurent Vic says:

"did you see the movie?"

probably the best 2 hours and 30 minutes i ever had in my life

Maintenance Bay says:

8:30 “Thought we felt the same way about… Germanzzz”…

Jackson Goulding says:

This video is why Donut Media is the best automotive entertainment outlet ever

DoubleO Ammoe says:

Jesus man why do you keep YELLING?

Kelvin Rivas says:

Saw the movie last night….so mad at the end result of the Le Mans race…he deserved the win!! Great vid!!

Pinku Sharma says:

Huge respect to the most underrated racer .rip from india..

Greenthing Aka throw away says:

up to speed on James Hill or Nikki Lauda pls

Chase Barnard says:

Taxation is theft

Nick says:

I love when u get emotional james

Demon Avenge says:

Why are you making me cry ?

Best shade of green says:

Only if they made a movie about the RX–7’s that dominated.

Matt Witt says:

Every time I watch this video I can’t help crying when James talks about his death. 😭😭😭

Ethan Hayden says:

Ken Kilometers

Drew Reich says:

One of the best up to speeds

Kalle Newman says:

Do a up to speed in memorie of Sabine Schmitz "the queen of Nürburgring".

Donald Maul says:

Why u gotta make me cry like that

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