Kia cee’d 1.6 GDI DCT Panel LCD 0-140 km/h |

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Kia cee’d kombi 1.6 GDI 135 KM przyspiesza do 140 km/h. Zobacz test:

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Kia cee’d combi with 1.6 GDI direct injected non tutbo gasoline engine accelerates from rest to 140 km/h. Test car was equipped with dual clutch sequential automatic gerabox. Kia proved to be surprisingly economical and achieved easily 8 l/100 km fuel consumption in the city. What looks like traditional speedometer is in fact LCD display, available as option at Kia.

Topics covered: Kia cee’d SW 1.6 GDI, automatic, station wagon, dual clutch gearbox, acceleration, full throttle, instrument cluster, digital dashboard, speedometer.