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Kia Cee’d GT Review

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Watch our review of the Kia Cee’d GT Tech 1.6 T-GDi.

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Gary Harding says:

Thanks for this review – covered everything I needed to know in 5.44..???

boostedscooby1 says:

What angers me the most Is that the United States never gets the better version of what ever car is offered by a manufacturer! Am sick and f.ing tired of this bias bullshit . If kia would have been smart and wanted people to get a better imagine of them here is the usa. They would have introduced this hot hatchback as the forte instead of the bland forte we have. Are they that ignorant that they don't see what is right in front of their eyes? Not only is this better than any vw hatchback or Honda hatchback but better looking than any audi hatchback. What is wrong with kia. Is that they don't have smart people running their company. Dam it wake the F up already. Now with the stinger gt debuting. Why not just make one model and price it at 35,000 for the base and 43,000 for the high end all options. For goodness sake please get an emblem that will represent your brand name. Like the H in hyundai or the TY in Toyota or the L in lexus. Kia already drop the ball by not bringing this hot hatch to America. DON'T DROP THE BALL AGAIN!

Gaer1984 says:

I should have bought Kia instead of Skoda Fabia combi. It's a much spacier car.
Now I want Kia.

Dean Murphy says:

I'm homosexual

3rk4u says:

nicer looking than a golf gti/seat leon etc,/prefer red,white or grey in colour.

TheLMMish says:

2:34. Cannot unsee. The back seats: one is looking up, one is sad and the other is smiling.

unsub says:

too bad we don't get this in US

Dheeradj Lachman says:

Very Nice car!!!

Simon George says:

Sat in a demo model of this car today, on a 16 plate. Very nice interior indeed and sounds great. It seems to be a well built GT that would be a good distance car with its refinement. I am not a fan of sports car that are all noise and hard ride. No good for everyday use, cars like that. This Kia seems very good.

ian says:

It is a good looking car with enough power. As is the case when compared to European cars (which I'm getting sick of)  Kia offer alot of kit whereas  vw has to be optioned up to compete with equipment levels.  I am not saying that it is better than a vw but it does offer alot for the money.

Spencer Smith says:

i like it. my wife bought a forte and it was a great buy. even for a used car, i will be awating this car in the US

Phen0mable says:

Golf gti £235 annual tax Road

Gianluca Gianluca says:

beautiful car but not fast , it s a pity

comedyman112 says:

is this a diesel ?

Sea Edu says:

pretty bad ass

Jacques Pretorius says:

don't know how you guys can want to compare it to GTI. the kia is 1.6L golf GTI is 2L. Obviously a 2L will make more torque and be faster for that reason.

Jonny Herd says:

Just bought one of these, a GT Tech in Track Red. Only done 300 miles so far but I love it! It'll take me the rest of the month to figure out all the 21st century tech tho'.

JB Choi says:

Why KIA sells this in EU Zone only???

Praque Forqsk says:

Ford Fiesta ST Clone?

Jarek Roitapfel says:

I wonder did Car Manufacturers abandoned Hydrolyic Steering for good ? .I think that might explain the lack of feedback I get from driving current  day cars,Especially after driving my Peugeot 206 .

Michael Park says:

Very nice review about the very nice car. Although, watching this review made me feel kinda sad.

Because this particular Ceed model is both directed and designed by the KIA's european division as the competitor for Golf or Focus, it actually isn't being sold in Korean markets. All we have here in Korea is a 2.0 liter GDI sedan/sportback with a merely 110 hp. It doesn't come with such premium interiors and stylish exterior as shown in your video. Sad, isn't it?

Still, I enjoyed watching your review :p

Learning2Smile says:

Wow. Kia North America really dropped the ball on not bringing this over instead opting to redesign it as the Forte sedan and Forte 5 hatchback.  I myself have the Forte 5 with this car's engine.  While very fun to drive I can't help but feel cheated just a little that Kia did not bring this design over.  

The cabin appointments, upholstery and exterior subtle differences makes this Cee'd GT so, so much more appealing.  

emir saracevic says:

koreans are destroying…..kia hyundai rocks

msamErica Girl says:

Ok another cute practical car not being sold in the U.S. wtf..I'm going to Europe bring this back on the boat…

4damage says:

Salak bi reklam olmuş

amir Shaufy says:

Beautiful car

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