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Kia Cee’d made it

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How to build a Kia Cee’d

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Dimitri33Ita says:

E bello ce fatta con robot e sicuro ma cvanti posti per persone lo levano !!!

warrominator says:

we have 3 kia's: 2 pregio's and a rio and they are realy realy good good cars!! i love kia but they have to build vans again for belgium 🙁

Бамбалейла says:


McTopaz says:

A footage from the Paint shop. The ED coat, base coat and clear coat applied in this video. They just didn't show when the other three or four layers of coat are applied.

Korades14 says:

@doktorburk Sure, the Car won the Duell with the VW Golf

Korades14 says:

@jarkucin dude, KIA is not a VW Daughter ô0

KIA come from Korea! All Cars from Kia has now 7 Years warranty, so dont saying Shit if you not living here.

jarkucin says:


I don't need a warranty, but trouble-free car 😉 You should choose a car from VW Group my friend… Why?
Beacause it's a German Group, so you give a job for German people anytime you buy something "Made in Germany"…

Personally, I am a fan of Ford & Mazda cars.

Korades14 says:

@jarkucin 7 Year warranty. ;D

jarkucin says:

My friend bought Kia Ceed 1.6 CRDi 66 kW. After driving 66000 kilometers turbine broke down in his car. No comment…

Icharuss says:

it is a german car 😀 only the brand is corean

Suffοcater says:

now that i know how,i ll just make a few in my backyard O_o

RyS Skunk says:

I made this car and I say this mega shit car .

Vlado Dimitrovski says:

I've got this car. It's perfect, when I drive I fell like drive some German car……:):)

etatauri says:

reminded me of that car factory scene in minority report

Yalçın Hoca says:

i also bought this car a week ago.
And i love it.
its my first car…

Reaggi E says:

I got a KIA pro ceed and I love it. really nice handling… makes fun. much space in it's class.

Arizonachester says:

nice! i like this car. is great

Imanol Gabarain Morcillo says:

I bought this car, and it's fantastic. I'm very happy whit it.


And if you care whether your car will have some worth in 10 years then leave your country or change the gov that makes a weak economy so you cant afford a newer car…

Borut Žgajnar says:

gilzur car its good

Londo Mollari says:

Don't get me wrong. Kia C'eed roooooccckkkss, but let's give it 10 years and see if they're just as good as VW.

Borut Žgajnar says:

i have this car

Aldea Alin says:

ai condus vreodata acest model ? poate iti schimbi parerea .. vb si tu sa te aflii in treaba .. si in necunostinta de cauza ..

maciolo78 says:

Mam już dość wiecznie psującego się badziewia. Ostatni dobry VW to golf II. Później to już syf VW i audi – jedno gówno. Tylko japy ew. koreany. To jest klasa!

maciolo78 says:

Generalnie, mam volkswagena golfa III z przebiegiem 170 tys. i nie stać mnie chwilowo na żadne inne auto ale jak tylko je nabędę, a będzie to właśnie nwe Cee'd, VW trafi na prasę…

mariusz76a says:

Pojeździsz 6 lat 250.000km i KIA nadaje się na złom.

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