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Kia Cee’d vs Ford Focus (English Subtitles)

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Kia gooit hoge ogen met de nieuwe Cee’d, die nog beter dan ooit kan meestrijden in het C-segment. Maar hoe doet de nieuwe Koreaan het tegen één van de meest vooruitstrevende auto’s uit deze klasse, de Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost? Kijk hier de video!

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CL Racing UK says:

The interior and exterior on the Focus is awful compared to the ceed lol

GameSquadzNL says:

Prachtige auto die Kia Cee'd !

Ronald de Rooij says:

Ik zag in de video een gemiddeld verbruik van 8.0 l per 100 km op het dashboard van de Ford staan. Dat is onaanvaardbaar hoog, en dat hadden ze moeten zeggen. Uiteraard weet ik niet wat de Kia verbruikte. Verder stappen ze wel erg makkelijk over een prijsverschil van 5000 euro heen. Ik zou daar niet zo makkelijk overheen stappen, dus ik zou de Kia gekozen hebben.

FernandoCala87 says:

KIA, of course!

Comrade1308 says:

Kia cee'd!!!!

Дахэ Чале says:

Хуйня ваш фокус))))

h93slafco says:

I was deciding between ford focus combi 1.0 ecoboost and kia ceed sw. Needed family car that won't break after few years. Went for kia 1.6 gdi mainly because of good petrol engine without turbo that should work for long time without problems. No turbo – for my needs I see that as advantage. Talked to few folks about 1.0 ecooboost and you need to handle it carefully as diesel engine. Was driving ecoboost and it worked well but simply cannot risk it will break after few years.

Mark Isacs says:

I want to know how well built the car & engine is & what problems for the future might be, not how quick you can input the sat nav

Д., Янчaн says:

Show everybody your Korean power!!

ghp0518 says:

And the reliable garagemen base this on what engineering knowledge/facts? Most of them present personal opinions as facts. Indeed any turbocharged engine has an additional component that can break but on the other side because you get torque at low rpm, you don't have to rev it hard to get power and this should add up to engine life. Also because the engine it's small they afforded to use cast iron engine block (heavier) which has better dilatation and temp resistivity coefficient than aluminium

bullseye911 says:

Exterior and interior are better on Ceed, but in my country Ford is cheaper and has better terms of warranty. Also, Focus just drives and feels better.

Kia really needs to pump-up its engine lineup.

Gerald Davis says:

I can't understand those gasbags.

As23sd says:

Kia Cee`d!!

TerryFilming says:

Are you slow or something..? Press the CC button.

dubbud74 says:

wheres the english subtitles ?!!! :-

Wesam BL says:

click on caption and turn on english

Rafal188 says:

50.000 km max, and turbo in Focus is dead, KIA means less problems.

فواد حربان says:

I love ford

RichardWnl says:

Wat ik me afvraag is de lak voor de Kia Cee'd, is dat nou gewoon de ''Cassa white solid'' ? Of is dat plus Metallic lak voor 690 EUR extra?

miha725 says:

thanks for subs

Erwin Snijders says:

Leuke test. Goed gedaan voor een eerste video!

ExiledExia says:

leuke test en een goeie nieuwe presentator Marco!

DavidSlagter says:

Goed gedaan Marco. 😛

GoliathAngelus says:

Ford is alway known for a better suspension and this car is no exception..Its in good ballance just faultless.
If you are talking about the engine it has a 3 cylinder and it does do its job very wel its even fast and not very loud or noisy if you hear it,it will sound like a 6.cyl,,The engine of Kia is good but a bit lifeless or even eagerly .Take your time with the Kia if you want to excelerate.
Suspension of Kia is everything but faultless and needs improvement.

uk574 says:

thx. Do they said something about ride comfort(suspension) and noise (tire, wind) levels when driving motorway speeds?

GoliathAngelus says:

Erg leuke eerlijke test..De Kia ziet er erg goed uit maar bezuinigt een beetje op prestaties.Voor mij is dat een beetje een min punt want het kan irritant zijn..De ford is een goede auto maar wel even wat duurder in aanschaf..De meeste in de huidige tijd zullen dan voor de Kia gaan kwa prijs maar heb je meer te besteden koopt men een Ford

GoliathAngelus says:

The main story,The Kia SEED is a good quallity car,the best car that Kia ever made for now and is value for money , a nice in between option but if you want a a better drivers car and if you got 5000 Euros more to spend, go for the Ford Focus because its got a better engine but an older Interior.

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