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Kia Cee’d vs Toyota Auris !!!

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CEE’D Rocks!!

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Peter Bartolo says:

if it aint JAP its crap

gxz100 says:

auris is made in JAPAN. not Korean. Cee'd is made in China.
also, auris 1.6 132HP is better than kia Cee'd.
I have win 3 kia cee'd with my auris. I don't know any cee'd that has win auris.
this is a lie for commercial reasons

Patrick St Thomas says:

never compete korean shit with car GODS

dukeboy1998 says:

Kia cee'd ftw

skipskops says:

@TheDM75 They are reliable, just not AS reliable as a Toyo Corola, and I agree a VW Scirocco = SWEEET!

Gaming Droid says:

@skipskops From what i heard Toyota's are very reliable, therefore the 5 year warranty. Anyway i don't want this car. Scirocco is my car 🙂

skipskops says:

@TheDM75 agreed, 10x better looking than the Corolla, but if I'm right it's not as reliable. Just saying.

Gaming Droid says:

@skipskops Toyota has 5 year warranty, they believe in what they make too. The Auris is much more than the corolla and better looking. So yeah.

skipskops says:

@TheDM75 Or so?

Gaming Droid says:

@skipskops or not

moepmanauto says:

Es ist doch klar das sich ein Diesel im Anzug stärker anfühlt, das liegt schlichtweg an dem hohen Drehmoment, den er schon bei ca. 2000 rpm bringt. Den Auris Benziner muss deutlich höher drehen dann zieht der auch sehr gut. Das ist einfach ein unfairer Vergleich nen Turbo mit nem Sauger zu vergleichen, was soll das? Warum nicht Diesel mit Diesel oder Benziner mit Benziner???

mcrubar says:

She says the 115hp Diesel is faster than the Petrol with 124hp..

Idiots.. Try the petrol between 5000-6500

dianovden says:

@ZarathustrianZaza probably but kia – korea, toyota – japan, feel the diffrence.
Anyway quality of plastic parts at the interior even in corolla e12 much better than in auris.

skipskops says:

@teo5151 KIA are Korean, and Korea excels in technology. Also 7 years warranty on a KIA, just shows how much they believe in what they make, the Auris is just an average on reliability, compared to it's little brother the Corolla. It copies Opel Corsa? Hardly lol, it looks completely different……I had the choice of these two cars, and I got myself a Kia Pro_ceed. looks 10x better than the Auris ever could, and drives like a beast! ^_^

FrozenCrewGr says:

i'm between those 2 cars i can buy a new kia ceed or a toyota auris from second hand 1.4 ltr both .. any owner of those 2 cars give me a message about your car

Desperado says:

kia ceed TÜRKİYE de çok beğeniliyor

Pedro Costa says:

I have and Auris D4D and I only change one thing, the disponibility of power ate low rpm


I expect you to be 'eating' your words, after the recent revelations of Toyota's safety record…….

TheCardPlayer says:

There is no no.1 manufacturer. Each one is best at certain aspects. Toyota is the best selling manufacturer in the world, as well as the best in car reliability and car safety. I dont say there are no faster cars than toyota, of course there are, however they fall short in much more than the auris being some tenths of a second slower….

sedicivalvole32 says:

at 1.4 litre engines kia ceed is much faster than auris…

Amalia2611 says:

ti sxesh exei to auris me to cee'd. Den dygkrinies dyo anomoia pragmata, Safws kai to auris SKIZEI!!!!

Hokit says:

Are you blind? Or do you just choose to ignore all the anti-Japanese comments made in here so far?

Hokit says:

And so is your mum.

TheCardPlayer says:

Asian Car makers:
1. Toyota = Honda 2. Nissan = Mitsubishi = Mazda, 4. Suzuki = Hyundai 6. KIA, 7. Daihatsu
German Car makers:
1. Porsche = Mercedes 2. BMW 3. Audi, 4.Volkswagen, 5.Opel
Which means Suzuki, Hyundai, KIA etc japanese makers and Volkswagen & Opel German makers use lesser quality parts for their cars therefore if u buy one of those firms u are actually buying the BOTTOM of what each country has to offer ! 😀

Stavros Mar says:

toyota auris ftw!
toyota auris hybrid ftw!

gxz100 says:

swsta, kapoio eipe mia vlakeia k olh to exapsan! to neo auris me valvematic in polh POWER

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