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We got a new kia sorento 4×4 in 2006 and 6 years later we love it just as much now than then.We wanted a black 4×4 and our kia dealership found one allmost 400 miles away so thay shipped it to charleston.These 4×4 sorentos are hard to find.I put 4×4 emblems on mine to show its not like all the others.With the right tires thay will go in some bad mud holes.Love our kia sorento 4×4.

Herman Mulders says:

The 2007 sorento is the best of all .!!
much better than the 2003 type.
Its stronger safer powerfull and luxerious then 2003 type.

Butt 2010 type is not a real 4×4 , but a crossover , 300 kg lighter ,and its not truckbased !!

Carlos Alberto says:


baur02 says:

wow!!! I must say i am impressed! I just saw the commercial for the new 2011 Sorento, and i just have one problem… what the hell is the name of the song from the commercial lol I've been searching everywhere!! other than that, well done kia, finally stepping up to the plate.

JASON J says:

Great video, I got so exicted to see the capablitlies of your vehicle and I must say that the quality is indeed there in the Korean brands now available to consumers. I own a 2011 Kia Sorento and so far, so good. I wish Kia would have sent us a sock monkey in the mail as a welcome gift though. Happy motoring my friend. jason and family

donga1998 says:

You really cant compare the Kia to a Landrover. If your looking at the 110 landy well that is military spec and is designed to last Years and is over engeneered. that said its not ment for road travel in comfort. Now the Disco is and is a lovely 4×4 but its over twice the price so you really have to pitch your comparisons at like for like and that also means cost.
I have had a facelift Kia sorento 2.5 for a year and half and its a fab car. It tows my caravan with ease and has loads of toys.

ashouhdy says:

@Athrunwong it last longer mr. hater !!

Konata Izumi says:

How long can a KIA sorento last?
My Landy has been in my family for 10 years…..still in tip top conditions….

i bet these fucking asian cars would last for 5 years!!

LSAHenry says:

what the hell suck music, nice car,

stevenpaynefish says:

Hi i am just looking at buying a new sorento, 2.2
the one i have at present has 261354 miles with the same clutch from new.
i offered it to kia for the showroom / sales advertising , they declined but my offer today ,what a shame, as i was shore they would do me a good deal.

jjtwin1983 says:

I have a Kia sorento 4×4 5 speed and it does not have a korean tranny XJ, It has a borg warner same shit they put in American 4×4. I know this because i had to change the clutch in it a month ago. My dad has an xj and I walked all over his ass in a 4 cyl 4×4 bronco 2 in the mud. I actually pulled him out. Doesn't matter what you have matters how you drive it.

Daihee says:

ya it can actually, and it can go more places than a jeep.. jeep is just over rated… sorry

Jimmy Blackman says:

yh man sorento is a very nice SUV but many ppl thinks that is a shit… they are making a mistake ! it is very tough machine ! it can "kill" some others that cost more money ! but some ppl are making mistake such as comparing it with wv touareg or ml etc…. those cars have more money and included in higher category

thats my point of view !

photomen1 says:

I havea 95 xj for fun and a sorent for work, Cant remember when last I started the xj sorento does it all now. Nothing wrong with jeep it has its place but dont underestimate the sorento.

Aaron says:

investigate what? My jeep has more power, can haul more, can go more places stock than any Kia, and doesn't look half bad. The only thing that Kia has on me is 4 mpg and maybe some more interior space. You think I am just some stupid redneck or what? In the two years i have had my Jeep the only thing I have had to replace so far is an alternator because i ruined it in water. Thats reliability there. It may have a few issue sbut I'd still drive it 1000 miles and go wheeling. Can a Kia do that?

Aaron says:

There are inherent issues with every vehicle. My Jeep is not perfect by any means. I just can't see myself EVER getting a KIA or Hyundai in my life!

BedShaker0909 says:

I've been on a Jeep before.. Outstanding ruggedness.. Sadly, there are lots of quality issues with that Jeep. As for the Tuareg, it's awesome, though VW have models with Reliability issues. Land Rover is the benchmark of a good off-roader. Well, guess what.. surprise! surprise! I bought a BOF Kia Borrego after researching and test driving 7 other SUVs including the LandCruiser. "Badge" is nothing to me.. I just need a Reliable Truck for Office Work and weekend Dune Bashing..

Aaron says:

Yeah… but I also know a good vehicle and Jeep has been building 4wds since 1941. I would gladly take a Toureg, or Land Rover too but My jeep is reliable and cheap to fix compared to those two. Kia is a garbage company. That warranty is 10/100 because its gonna need it. Locker or not a KIA sorento is not an offroad vehicle nor should anyone think they are "rugged" in any way.

BedShaker0909 says:

Let me guess.. Redneck?

BedShaker0909 says:

Same shit story.. you know a friend's friend or 4th degree friend's friend or 10th degree friend's friend who has this car.. always breaks down.. blah blah blah.. You just don't talk shit if you AIN'T got one.. Period.

c0c0asauce says:

dude…the only people that drive these are soccermoms…what do they need 4wd for? i dont know…no you dont either

Sour Grey says:

Yea too bad i dont have it anymore. Im such a newb when it comes to 4 wheeling. I wanted a jeep but i hate the mpg. I wish someone could tell me the best mpg off road vehicle you could buy. I still havent found one, or nobody makes it yet. Maybe the Kia Soulster will be the one?

I still love those 80's 4×4 Chevy Burbs though!

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