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KIA Sorento Attempts Hell’s Gate in Moab

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This is the new 2019 Kia Sorento SX Limited and I was lucky enough to be a part of an awesome production crew challenged by the engineers of this vehicle to tackle one of the most intimidating trails in Moab Utah… Hell’s Revenge.
The only modifications we made to this brand new Kia Sorento was to mount up a set of BFGoodrich KO2 all terrain tires on the stock wheels, put a skid plate under the oil pan and on the hardest part of the trail… the climb up Hell’s Gate… we disconnected the sway bars. That’s it!
We also enlisted the help of one of the most experienced off-roaders in the area Dan Mick to do the spotting and his son Richard did the driving.
Yes, this is a “fish out of water” type of scenario and the Sorento wasn’t designed for this type of off road use, but the engineers were so confident in the build quality of the drive-train that they gave us the keys and said GO FOR IT! And while I’ve never owned a Kia before, I totally respect this type of product torture test. Other than the back bumper cover being pulled loose on that one corner, there was no other serious damage to this thing.
This is my first commercial as a host and I had an absolute blast doing it.
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Alex Martinez says:

I hope they let you keep it … you've done more for the brand in this minute and a half than any of their previous commercials.

TheNewYork Reload says:

This isn’t Costco parking lot wtf

repr26 says:

That's not a difficult obstacle, or a difficult trail. I've seen people have less trouble with it in sedans.

Ben B says:

Why advertise it's AWD ability when it's only ever going to be used for city driving?

Matthew Baquero says:

This is how you advertise!

Guy Divosta says:

guys, this was an advertisement, presented in a deceptive way

nick the car guy says:

You guys are crazy but awesome!

Wesley Young says:

I thought that was David Freiburger talking at the beginning.

sangh1120 says:

Yellow DRL looks like blinker stuck on. Korean version has white DRL i don't understand why US version they keep it yellow…

Greg Calleja says:

I got a Car's Pro KIA commercial?

Cadillac Man says:

that's not a bad looking rig

Simon Elenor says:

A Subaru Legacy did Hell's Revenge what's the big deal. As long as you have traction you will move. That rock is like sand paper.

Shazzkid says:

All this proves is that Hells gate isn't so hard

Jo Simon says:

For anyone unfamiliar with Moab, that obstacle is Hell's Gate on the trail called Hell's Revenge. This video does little justice for what they accomplished. Here's a well known video of what happens when things go wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYTxcbZdGi4

p8ntballtrav says:

They had a winch hooked up to it

Michael Jung says:

1:17 RIP bumper

Frank Cornejo says:

YES!!!! Great job KIA lol

Ratridez says:

444 jeeps didn't make it ?

Carlos Castaneda says:

If you can do this type of stuff with a KIA, you are one bad ass driver. ??

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