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Kia Sorento with ARB rear difflock. Bloqueo de diferencial trasero (ARB modificado)

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If you want one like this please contact to me.
It has a modified arb locker.

Si queréis un bloqueo como este contactad aquí conmigo.
Es un bloqueo ARB modificado.

ARB is not interested in the locker for our car. I can make more lockers like this. If you watch other videos in my channel, there is other Sorento with my locker. It’s not cheap because I have to buy an ARB locker, bearings, modify the locker and make other pieces. The price is 1500€ and I can send it where you want (shipping is not included in the price).

Please, contact to get an updated price.

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Nick Simpson says:

Cool car, but I'll keep my santa fe

Javier Garcia Redón says:

Hola Jairo, mándame tu correo o teléfono, pues me interesa poner bloqueo al mío, y quiero hablar con tigo. gracias

microlegal says:

simples ele não tem bloqueio de diferencial!

הרצל חן says:

hi there,is its still available to get one?

Hanz Peter says:

is there no problem with the 265/75 r16 with the metal strive in wheel box sorry my english is not so good

jairobolivar says:

It's not easy. There is more people that fitted 265/75 r16 without body lift and +7 or +10 suspension lift, but I can't understand. I don't recommend 235/85, I think that the best size would be 245/80 R16. This size is only available for race cars. 245/75 is other option, maybe too small but in an agresive model could be enaugh and you will not have problems. I had to cut to fit 235/85 with Cooper STT with 1.5" wheel spacers.

Hanz Peter says:

can i take the 235/85 r16 whit ome stock and 30 mm body lift

Trail Leader Productions says:

Seen more flex from a formula 1 car …

04smallmj says:

Google translate…

jairobolivar says:

The diff lock is ARB but it has been modified in Spain to fit in the Sorento. We have made two Sorentos as you can see on my channel.

We can make more but as we have to buy one in Spain (paying transport and taxes),

I'll send you a private message.

Евгений Бубнов says:

Where to buy the same? Do you have a product number? And I'm on ebay can not find.

mistermodified1 says:

Finally, it engages!

felix felizitas says:

Ford Ranger compare with this Sorento , which one would u pick ?

jairobolivar says:

You can start changing your springs. Old Man Emu (OME) has a 40mm set for Kia Sorento. This is an easy way to get more height. If you want more lift you can use 245/75 R16 tires.

This is the first step. I have 70-80 mm in suspension but you need many mods to do this.

My Sorento has a 50 mm body lift and 235/85 R16 too, so it's very high, probably de highest Sorento in the world 😉

DodoBenny says:

Do you know a good set for setting my Sorento 40-50 mm higher? Or any tip or trick? I love it but I get stuck sometimes because the front would need more height…

DodoBenny says:


bully0610 says:

bad bargain……..buy a Suzuki Grand Vitara

ghostofChrist says:

ill stick with my trutrac on my silverado. nice vid though

zungaloca says:

roso lol tengo ese carro ;D furia

PenekKosar says:

@JustNickT09 old version of Sorento is real 100% offroad. New 2011 sorento is city car and not for offroad.

PenekKosar says:

@jairobolivar He wrote that the car was overturned at the next second.

jairobolivar says:

@rdklucky Sorry but I can't read Russian. Please translate to English or Spanish

Aleksey R says:

на следующей секунде он перевернулся

jairobolivar says:

@discovery110 That day it was wet and I only wanted to show the locker function. I think that it could go up with gas and decission. You can see other videos from my channel where the Sorento goes up.

jairobolivar says:

@mrdanjel Sorry for delay. It's not the same for Sportage. If you want more information read your yotube mail.

jairobolivar says:

@johnjayzz Please read your youtube mail.

Jérémie Lavoie says:

Great setup body!!! I want more info if possible!!!

Daniel Eriksen says:

Hi, could you pls mail me about it to? This looks great, at the arbsite there is no support for kia sorento. Do you think this is availble for a kia sportage 06 too?
mail the price too pls. Thanks

jairobolivar says:

@mihail2626 Please, read your "youtube mail"

mihail2626 says:

@jairobolivar, could you tell me ,please, from which car you took an original ARB locker?

Thank you

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