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Kia Sorrento/Sedona: 3.5 Litre Engine/Timing Belt/Crank Sensor/Water Pump Repair and/or Replacement

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Repair and/or Replacement tips for timing belt, crank sensor,cam sensor, water pump and drivebelt tensioner for a 3.5 liter in Kia Sedona and Sorrento.

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Scott Morgan says:

If you notice on the passenger side front of the head there are two tapped holes behind each cam pulley. The way the spokes are on the pulleys if you line up the timing marks, you can install 8mm x 1.25 bolts say 3 to 4 inches long and they will hold the pulleys where they belong for installing the belt instead of using a timing pulley clamp. These holes were originally for when they manufactured this "GEM ?" of an engine. On the driver's side you don't have these holes because of the sensor plate on the back of the outermost cam. I'm still looking into seeing if there is something they did similar for this side, but it may be that you just may well have to use the kind of clamping tool that you did. I'll let you know. Nice job on the video…

Hunter Lindsay, LegalShield Independent Associate says:

Great video!

David Tillotson says:

Thanks for your time and hope. Just tore one down. Hope u get that dime.

Juan Perez says:

good information

SOTO'S says:

Where you get those tools for cams

Isaiah Furrow says:

one of these came into my shop yesterday afternoon…. it came with ONLY a belt. I'm going to advocate changing the water pump and thermostat, but should I also suggest the crank and cam sensors as well? calling the supply house now to check price and availability. … thanks for the video!

Bill Callahan says:

Big Jim! Great job on the video & a Big Thanks to your wife too! I've got 176,000 miles on my '05 Sorento 3.5 liter. Never had it in the shop, never changed the belt or the plugs. Still get 22 to 25 mpg. I plan to take it to 200,000 before I change the belt. Is this a good idea & what is the longest mileage you've ever heard of someone taking a timing belt. A guy I talked to said 180,000 miles. Also, where in hell are the spark plugs? Thank you!

rewi wharepapa says:

great video was very useful. one trick i did was to cable tie the timing belt to the camshaft sprockets and use a needle nose vice grip to hold the belt onto the crankshaft sprocket, then release the hydraulic tension and was able to get the crank sensor out.

Darren Ferrell says:

Thank you Jamie for the How to video's on the Kia Sorrento , Running like a champ now 🙂

Tiffany Hagans says:

can i remove crank shaft sensor without removing the timing and tensioner

chelaco_rd chelaco_rd says:

me puede alludar con el tiempo por que lo puse i cuando le doy buerta al motor setranca

chelaco_rd chelaco_rd says:

me puede alludar con el tiempo por que lo puse i cuando le doy buerta al motor setranca

Quenton foulke says:

whats the name of the orange tool you used on the cam gears to keep them from turning

dennis Stecki says:

your video was great thanks for showing it, I installed a water pump and timing belt with sprocket, thanks again   your a 5 out of 5

Carl Burr says:

Hey Jamie, Excellent video with great explanations!! SO I changed the TB on a 2005 Sedona and all went as planned thanks to your videos, however as I turn the motor to check my alignment marks are good, I can hear a tinny scrape sound that wasnt there before. I put the HB back on and ran it and sure enough it became louder and more pronounced while idling. I initially thought it was the crankshaft reluctor, so I changed the gear and while turning the engine by hand i can hear it again. There are no visible scrapes on the sensor, reluctor, or engine. So I then unbolted the cam sensor and nothing changed. Ever run into ths before? I just cant see where or what is making this noise. Thanks Jamie!!!

dennis Stecki says:

Would like to have seen how to remove the camshaft timing belt sprocket on that kia 3.5

Alexandriar t 66iih4d4 Edliukn says:

i have a 2005 kia sorento lx.. my new issue is coming up under the check engine light as the catalytic converter… had i just know all my issues with this car will be the recalls, as my issues before now has always been.. but have any videos of the kia sorento catalytic converter

djshotokan says:

Mr. Jones!! Fellow mechanic here and love the channel, the tips and the humor, It's becoming more and more rare to find mechanics that know the cars beyond the books! Id love your opinion on something, have an 06 Sorento 4×4 3.5 that I believe needs a waterpump assembly, however the coolant in leaking into the valley under the lower intake from the reaf of the water pump housing area. Have you ever heard of this?? Ive checked the bypass hose, its good, the orings are intact, the y pipe through the heater hoses is sealed (common problem of course) but It strongly seems like its flowing from behind the water pump, not out the weep hole, which is weird. It was taken to the dealership as it has extended warranty and they refused to work on it saying the head gaaskets, valve cover gaskets and 0 rings were bad. Believe me, they ARENT. so wondering if you have ever seen or heard of this. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

ruben olivas says:

this is way  to much work and I don't have the time to do this type of repair. Do you know how much a mechanic will charge to do this job? Ball park figure.

Gabriel Quintino says:

What was ur Car doing that made u change that….. I have one that shut off when it gets wormed up and got a code for the crank shaft

Maritza Bolivar says:

Sorry the piston must be up to grab the time, the sorento kia 2005 3.5

Don Lankford says:

hey Jimmie, I did an amanti 3.5 engine, bad water pump. but did a timing kit.. did it all, had it running.. ran good, but left the covers off till the next day.. came out and the belt was loose around the pump. turned it over by hand and now it's tight.. is this normal.. is it caused by the hyd tensioner bleeding down.
it's a new tensioner from beck and arnley thanks…

Telman Yaqubov says:

hamiya salam mende ustayam cox xowlayiram bele weylere baxanda varsa paylawin baxaq

Thomas Banks says:

Is it supposed to be really hard to loosen the bolt on the belt tensioner pully?

if024 says:

oh and to those guys that are made because he used the bump method. who cares he didn't brake anything. i had to remove the radiator to get my impact in there.

if024 says:

Thanks man! What a retarded timing tensioner I thought. lol The crank bolt broke and the timing belt ripped everything apart so i didn't know how that thing worked since i pre tightened the bolt…lol

anthony polly says:

its also not a Mitsubishi engine either

anthony polly says:

you do not need to take the belt off you did everything there for nothing all I did was take the cover off and replace

GunsXplay says:

Ya i ended up having to use the good ol starter trick myself on my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.8l v6. The Harmonic Balancer was in TERRIBLE shape and had to replace it. Someone that owned the car before me did some maintenance and when they re-installed the balancer they WAY over torqued the Crank Bolt and even a large truck impact gun couldn't get it off even after heating the bolt. Oddly enough though i decided to try using the starter trick and it came right off no problem.

Susan Davidson says:

How many miles on this car?

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