Koenigsegg Agera R vs Ferrari 458 Italia Interiour view (Race #1 from Ferrari)

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Koenigsegg Agera R vs Ferrari 458 Italia (Race #1 from Ferrari) Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/110406276695126749981/


Rat Race says:

Ever play need for speed ?, Agera is their logo, and it's just lines you see when that's in action.

Peter Smith says:

Is that a fly on the windshield, no it’s the Koenigsegg in the distance.

NixYinShi says:

Ferrari vs koenigsegg

Koenigsegg: bye have a great time

A minute later…

Ferrari: hold my beer

Serhat Doğan says:

koe vs ferrari 😀 ?

ali albasrawe says:

the crew2❤️❤️❤️

onur can says:

ferrari haaa ha ha!!!


I think we all knew the 458 didn't stand a chance

Jimmy Vila says:

koenigsegg its a monster

Yellow Duck says:

Cant touch this

marjos kopaci says:

Try with H2r 👍👋

JimmyPeacekeeper says:

And those, ladies and gentlemen, are people in the comments comparing a 2 million hypercar to a 300k supercar

Anubis Anubis says:

Ferrari is yugo in this case

Play GT says:

How could be a 458 italia 762hp vs agera r

vic vance says:

Ferrari 🏎️🏁

Play GT says:

If the 458 would has 200hp more, could compete with the agera r

Bayern Munich says:

Has Ferrari gone mad???? They should go and race some other car. Koenigsegg is out of their league!

Daniel says:

Difference between a roaring V8 and screaming V12.

Simeon SG says:


Carmagnole Frederic says:

Punaise, je me doutais bien que la Koenigsegg l'aurait battue, mais pas à ce point.

Ben Lockhart says:

Basically that is like racing Usain Bolt versus your mom.

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