Koenigsegg agera rs

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Koenigsegg agera rs

real 18 carat gold. This is the second Koenigsegg Agera RS ever delivered and it is the first one for a European


Weeklongwind 647 says:

Did anyone notice that he recorded the license plate? That leaving this guy's car footprints to the internet if you know what I mean.

Mrt Kck says:

Why talk about a Bentley when this monster is here. Looking smooth as hell

Wilfredo Garcia Diaz says:

If you onwed that car you could laugh in anybody face because that car is the most Spence car in the world cost more than a Bugatti and supposedly faster than a Bugatti

Jofanes Januario says:

Um super carro extremamente lindo que nunca guiarei 😢

Salvatore Ignoti says:

Complimenti, veramente bella.

TheJediSoldier 1995 says:

That's a ugly car

Ricky Edwards says:

That's my car

Andrew And says:

Omg so cool car enjoy🤗👍

fin4242 says:

Is the jetski real I haven't looked dorry

Moises Rodríguez says:

Mi coche favorito el rs

Antonio Decurtis says:

Super tamarra

Hydra says:

Eba canavarı

Lewis Starnes says:

Not a real koenigsegg

OB1 says:

How can you take it to Hell with you?

Jaya Ambekar says:

Yes I agree that this car looks good but what happens when an obstacle or speed braker come on road… In the path of car….?? 🤔🤔

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