Koenigsegg AGERA vs Pagani HUAYRA BC Drag Race | Forza Horizon 3

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Forza Horizon 3: Koenigsegg AGERA vs Pagani HUAYRA BC in a Drag Race. Stay tune to see who wins the one mile battle!

Also join our car club on FH3 Project Handbrake [P.H.]. It would be awesome to see some of you guys on here!

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Evan Sprankle says:

Honestly. No way in hell the Pagani would win in real life. Koenigsegg destroys Bugatti Veyrons.

Rickemy Whitehead says:

The agera was pulling


this is dumb

Umar Ali says:

I love pagni zonda

cameron ellis says:

The agera lost cos of bad shifts

Blake THURN says:

It’s just a game. Games are not always true


The agera was catching up

Quiro28 :3 says:

omg the pagani huarya BCcis an absolute mythical

FatL L says:

How bout you calm your shit. If the buggati is faster then the Paganini and the agera r is faster then the buggati this game is a fucking joke.


Ned fur sped paint joob

Jayde Ward says:

You need too look at that stats of each car and you can tell this video is very one sided and the Pagani us moded in the video…

Youtubable512 K says:

I expect no less from Pagani

Ash Cameron says:

Keno better in real life remember this I video game in real life a p wood get his ass beat

isaiah hogue says:

And it's a game…
Just me ok

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