Koenigsegg CC

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Koenigsegg CC..I love this jewel!From the official site www.koenigsegg.com


Arya's Gaming And Reviewing Videos And Vlogs says:

This car is still the very best in 2021

Awesome Toys says:

This car is 16 years

Danny Dillard says:


Nirestor Fun Gamer says:

Koenigsegg CC 1996

Alice Bellavance says:

Specs koenigsegg cc:0 to 62 3.8 seconds
Top speed: 360 kph

average city 17 resident says:

This is for the cc8s,the cc only has 500 horsepower

Subject 781 says:

It looks ugly and nice at the same time

Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde says:

Legend! Koenigsegg always ahead of its time.

Garbage Bin says:

Old times bro… old times..

Jonathan O says:

What music that used in the baground

Hussain14000 says:

Looks nice for 90s

Carlos Deluna says:

all you nastys know how porn vids go

Torrie Kelley says:

@ipimpedurputa Because it is porn!

jmoto99 says:

im flagging this video for sexual content!

King says:

wow i didnt know they let porn on youtube…..

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