Koenigsegg CCXR acceleration / soundcheck

StoneBridge & K-Syran - Starry Night

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For those of you who are arguing about if it’s actually a CCXR, a CCX or a CCXR Edition, i can tell you that it IS a CCXR.
It may look like a normal CCX, but it has the CCXR engine running in the back.
There is also a difference between a CCXR and a CCXR-Edition! The edition is limited to 6 units, recognizable due to the full carbon-fibre body and the special spoiler.
This one here is just a normal CCXR with a black painted body.

Check out the pictures on flickr and exoticsonroad.com to see the side-badge:

edit II:
The owner changed his spoiler – looks really great now, check it out here:

Nürburgring / Scuderia Hanseat 2009 –

That noise is coming up when 1018hp are passing by. The CLK 63 Black Series and the Murciélago R-GT are just a small bonus ;-). Btw, did u hear that big bang from the R-GT when it shifts down?

Different video about the R-GT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN-TnV0f2fI