Koenigsegg Gemera vs Bugatti Divo at Silverstone Old

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Video Produced by Assetto Corsa Racing Simulator

The mod credits are: Virtua Sports Cars & Rallye Academy

Worked by: Jesús Alvarez – Rallye Academy

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L Kerr says:

Bugatti Divo😘 Koenigsegg gemera😍😘🤩😋😀😗

mithlesh kumar says:

2M vs 5M😂😂😂😂 + the f*cking Game two time out of track😂😂😂

Dilani Weerakodi says:

Ugh its a freaking game 👎

SMILE says:

1 min. Silence for those who thought it's real 😂

PhajEJEK Ly says:

Nobody saw the soccer mom and the 3 kids in the Gamera @0:07 flipping off the pro driver in the Bugatti ??

Golden Star Line says:

The gemera actually has a electrical engine and a gas engine

Frank Månsson says:

Gemera lost because the driver

JAPD says:

rubish video

Sarath Nair says:

Gemera sound same like indian petrol auto😆

Car Trends says:

I will definitely win if I handle that Koenigsegg gemera

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