KOENIGSEGG INSANITY! 17 Eggs and Onboard the One:1

StoneBridge & K-Syran - Starry Night

If you like Koenigsegg, this one is for you! For the launch of the new Jesko Absolut and Gemera, Esser Automotive gathered an exceptional display of 17 Koenigseggs and even more hypercars. After a full tour of every model, I find myself onboard the incredible One:1 for a ride out!

Esser Automotive are the Koenigsegg dealer in Germany, and could not have put on a more impressive event for the local debut of the two newest models. Both the 4-seat Gemera and 300mph capable Jesko Absolut were due to be presented to the world at the Geneva Motorshow earlier this year however with it not taking place the cars are on a big tour instead.

To celebrate the launch, at a private venue we can explore the most fantastic line up covering all Koenigsegg models from old to new: CC8S, CCR, CCX, CCXR, Agera, Agera R, One:1, Regera, Jesko Track, Jesko Absolut, and the Gemera. That isn’t even all as also present are a Pagani Huayra Roadster, two McLaren P1s, two Sennas, two Porsche 918 Spyders, a Carrera GT, a new Ford GT and so many more epic cars as well.

After a great day, for the cars to head back to base, I’m lucky enough to jump onboard the One:1 in full carbon with pink accents a details for a convoy with 8 of them in total – could it get crazier?!

A huge thanks to Esser Automotive for an incredible and memorable day!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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