Koenigsegg is killing the Hypercar Game! Agera XS, Regera, Agera R, CCX

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Mr JPM says:

I love it when you don't say anything in your videos ????

Bleu Print says:

He speaks to Stradman like he's just another spectator, "Thanks bro!". Haha You gotta love this man

Supercar Central says:

Cool to see Kris in your video!

Pauwsaurus says:

"Lite åt höger!"

Chris Hoskins says:

Koenigsegg porn! I could watch it all day! I love the Koenigsegg hypercars…my absolute favorite!

sophientoan nguyen says:

hey Stradman in the background wasn't that your Lamborghini Gallardo

Leon Gachugi says:

which is faster, a Koneigsegg One to One or a Koneigsegg Agera XS

Dank Lord 69 says:

Lmao lamborghiniks (Kris) is such a nice guy

MMertens says:

I don't think there's a single car brand with a ceo this engaged with his cars

Choo Choo MotherTrucker says:

Regera is sexy in red and the Agera XS is just damn menacing in that orange paint job.

DAVID K says:

Can anyone tell me the name of the opening theme music please?

DAVID K says:

I was sold on the remote opening features of this beast!

Ciro De Fabritiis says:

belle…niente da dire… ma il design italiano è tutta 1 altra cosa….FERRARI, LAMBORGHINI..

noshin söderqvist says:


p.S ithink my volvo are faster that that or not

Syed Saad Ali Qazi says:

I love it, l like it, and I want it. what is the best way to earn such a lot of money that would led me to buy this car i.e Koenigsegg agera r

Eagles says:

am i the only one trying to figure out how those doors work?

irfan123100 says:

It's sad knowing that I'll never get to own any of those cars.

fahd asghar says:

one of my friend tells me that honda nsxr is faster than any koenigsegg car hahahahah

Peke Zamequi says:

agera the best car

2008kemal says:

these cars make lambo looks funny

Sanchit Singh says:

And with a top speed of 275.4 Miles per hour (443.2 kph/123.1 m/s), The Koenigsegg Agera RS1 is officially the fastest production car in the world.
The 2nd AND 3rd positions are also belonging to Koenigsegg. The only other car that comes close is Hennessy Venom GT with 270.1 MPH

Tre Smith says:

Lol the Huarya and Aventador sped off and the Regera was just creeping. That is a sexy paint job on that huarya also.

irfan hidayat says:

beautiful ? I love koenigsegg

indra bendi says:

combination of luxury , perfomance, technologi and masterpiece design

Merle Therrien says:

I like Koenigsegg exteriors better but Pagani interiors 100x more.

Vinnie HTGaming says:

The orange one is supposed to be One : 1

Jean Planas says:

I just found out that the Regera only runs on one gear…

ImOrtal 21 says:


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