Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut vs Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ – Drag Race 20 KM

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Jesko by RTM Mods – Tuned by F1&Supercars Challenge


Carlos Rodriguez says:

Eso es un juego

Tiquinho Gamer says:

Ita simple, koenigsegg jesko is better than chiron suler sport 300+

among- cod says:

top speed Koenigsegg jesko 508 kmh

Toothless Black says:

What a fucking shame , when are they really going to prove their fucking claims

Matheus Silva says:

Nossa meu deus que koenisegg e mais rápido do que o bugatti

Maximo Dimotta says:

Ah que trampa
Me gusta que tengan la velocidad original
El koegniseg 🤢 se la dejaron
y al Bugatti le hacían frenar a 350
Que falssooo 👎👎👎
Así va a quedar re mal koegniseg si le hacen fácil queda re tramposo

(Encima como le vas a poner a koegniseg 530km/h si ke estan diciendo a koegniseg que si es verdad que alcanza esa velocidad que hagan una prueba y ni se ve lo real
Así quedo un fraude

Typical Gamer is the best Typical Gamer is the best says:

What’s funny is that I have both of these cars in real life and I might race them and I might even post the race video on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Jaycob Desautels says:

and bye the way when they tried to speed test the one:1 it allwased failed becuse it crshed every time they speed tested it for max speed

Jaycob Desautels says:

doesnt even have its wing

Jaycob Desautels says:

this vid is fake this is just a game of the one:1 edited to look like the jesko

Bruno Silva says:

Mano, isso é um jogooo

TheC4Tb0y says:

Nice animation yo. Btw jesko is 330 mph

AbdulQadir says:

Thats a freaking game

Keenan Kotze says:

People like to se bugatti lose and why is the dude driving the bugatti braking aroud ever corner 🤦🏻‍♂️

Yogesh Singh says:

Don t make fun of buggati

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