Koenigsegg Jesko – Faster Than A Bullet Train!

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Christian von Koenigsegg continues to surprise us with his inventions. This is the new Jesko! This car is designed to break the 300mph/482km/h mark. It is also destined to break the Agera RS record. These speeds have already been successfully tested in a simulation. If all goes to plan it will become the fastest production car in the world!

The car cost approx US $3 million.

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Henry Lerche Rasmussen says:

Thanks. The best Geneva Motor Show – Koenigsegg Jesko review.

Alwin John says:

Christian is soo humble. I respect that man soo much.😇😇

Philip Ayoosu says:

Super cool guy with a super cool ride.
Love you Christian from Nigeria

A says:

Your intro is awfull !

Glockiana17 says:

I think it's pronounced "yesko" 🤭

john s says:

Wonder If she is blond downstairs too

Herrgabby _ says:

i need one. i will own one in my life time

Player-0 says:

10:32 Koenigsegg CCR (or smth like that, idk)

Player-0 says:

Supercar Blondie: You are a genius
Me: Thats so damn obvious
Edit: She later on asked where they get all the ideas from, i knew very well from where (Hint: Look at the size of Christain's head)

ashraf ashraf says:

Good morning sir Ashraf Ashraf

Skyjuice70 says:

Christian von Koenigsegg, the Tony Stark of Hypercars!

Abdual Ghafar says:

Halo calchar way u opine you r maot u r beutiful wedaot open u r maot and car is beutiful good joob

Gerald Binu says:

Others: falling in love with other people
she: falling in love with cars


Which is the fastest car in the world

Ir. Muhammad Rozi Johari says:

Such a humble person for an owner of a supercar company. a genius one as well.

Koenigsegg Jesko says:

Are you guys talking about me

Kiran Chavan says:

Only he knows how to beat the top hyper cars in the world……… The Apex.

SanKai Playzz says:

Destroying bugatti in micro-seconds with 1600 HP! 🙂

xD Warlord says:

I’ve got myself a Jesko….. on Forza Horizon 4 😕

br4nd0n says:

Notice he doesn’t have eye brows

Reshanthi Sanjeewani says:

This is the best koenigsegg that I have ever seen.

blaster 9 says:

it's such a beautiful car by far one of my favourites

José alfredo Montalvo aviles says:

No mms a esta vieja hasta el von la atiende. Que genio valla auto.

Gabriel Di Angelo says:

How come all hypercars are all european?

Radhit 1316 says:

Someone buy koenigsegg in Geneva motor show

Akash V says:


Gabe Collins says:

How do you find how to find all these cars

Afsheen Siraj says:

06:20 real bad thoughts coming into the dirty mind 🙁

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