Koenigsegg Jesko First Test Drive with Christian Von Koenigsegg!!!

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The first test drive of the Koenigsegg Jesko! Christian Von Koenigsegg drives the Jesko Around! Exhaust, Revs, Flybys!

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Murat Akag眉nd眉z says:

That rear is aggressive as hell

MclarenP1Brian says:

Is this real?

pretty sure says:

Lebron is the greatest athlete in all of sports ever.

Armandrix Chang the cars says:


鈧报蕢鈧粹报n酶酶膽 鈧报鈧斥偊 says:

Sounds like engine will burst out.

Ayahausca says:

The beauty of Swedish design captivated me more every year 馃コ

King says:

This is orgasmic

Alexander Dahlberg says:

That rear basically looks like a beast… Ferocious!

Mind Rhythms says:

It's a Bat Mobile.

Mr Cut Folks says:

These cars all look the same !

TheCarKraze says:

This sounds amazing!!

mr Nohax says:

It鈥檚 a UFO

mr Nohax says:

It鈥檚 a UFO

Inscreva-se no meu canal! says:

2026 Koenigsegg Odin
Engine: rear-mid, longitudinal, V8, twin-turbo, 5,003 cc
Fuel: 100% ethanol
Maximum power: 2,300 hp @ 9,800 rpm
Maximum torque: 182,1 kgf.m @ 6,350 rpm
Transmission: 10 speed sequential
Curb weight: 1,150 kg
0-100 kph: 1,42 second
Top speed: 567 kph (352 mph)

MrMeUp _ says:

I love anything Koenigsegg creates, leaving those Bugatti's in the dirt haha

Claude Baron says:

This thing has ,,,,,!!!?? What鈥檚 the word…..??? Ho yeah……. this thing has panache,,,,, an exotic word for a exotic beast ! 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃憣

Jing S says:

What a fantastic art beautiful

Graeme Eddington says:

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Puckstopper says:

What a battle it would be between Christian Von Koenigsegg and Jerod Shelby on a straight runway.

Nils Svensson says:

Best cars ever, Egg > all.

Praneeth Varma says:

Hope it's ready to take down Buggati 300+

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