Koenigsegg Jesko – Full Walkthrough

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Full walkthrough of the Koenigsegg Jesko with Christian von Koenigsegg.

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N J says:

I love the fact that this might very well be the last of it's kind, the ultimate expression of the internal combustion engine, and the last encore of the non-hybrid hypercars. Just beautiful!

眩暈夢 says:

Look at the top of his head!

yyy says:

I love how he made the car the same color as himself

Kent Bergström says:

Koenigsegg should build an F1 car, I actually think they would do well in the competition and be intuitive in the sport.


One of my dream exotic brands

Yntsy says:

the reason why everyone loves Koenigsegg and Christiam himself, is because there's no secrecy when showing one of their products, you see Lamborghini, ferrari, and many other brands doing secret test, with their dazzle camos, meanwhile Christian does a video with MR JWW with detailed information about the jesko one day before it's launch, even before it was shown to his own fater which is where the name comes from, also the humble attitude of Christian himself, is what makes every detail he talks about worth watching, it feels like you were watching short courses about the fastest cars in the world.

Peter Tise says:

Dude! You are Mega/Hyper Brilliant. Love It!

R3dTow3r ! says:

We all know that Koenigsegg builds amazing masterpieces of mechanical engineering but this man is actually BANGING through gears like it's a 97 Civic DX….

Aidan Gamez says:

Christian is the exact type of guy that should run a car company. He isn't fed up in making the car super flashy and pretty and stuff, he just wants a car that he, and all of his buyers can actually have fun with. And the guy himself seems like a pretty cool dude irl

WiTh StUpId says:

FUCKING BRAVO Koenigsegg, BRAVO!! Wish i would afford this work of holy 👀

Martin Andersson says:

What colors are available on a Koenigsegg?

Christophe Genbrugge says:

always wondered how they handle , easy to drive on a track or a real handfull?

PuerTea says:

uhhh why am i watching this???

Calle Söderberg says:

Who colour-graded this? Take a look at 10:11 – Mr. Königsegg is so orange that Donald Trump looks like an albino in comparison.

Bugpop1.0 says:

Imagine disliking this video

Meoo77 says:

i have two hotwheels Koenigsegg Jeskos one is white and one is black btw im a big fan

Stefan Cojocaru says:

Rimac will destroy this

toxzic says:

awesome video, i was going to buy used 2003 kia picanto but now i buy this

Merkaba Transmutation says:

You lived your life right, you left behind something that will glorify your name for hundreds of years!

Frane Vodopija says:

Christian is the same color as a car lol

Lanoroth says:

The new forza sure has nice graphics

Aldo Plum says:

Amazing hyper car from an amazing lad.

Richie D says:

Are the brakes carbon ceramic???

Andor Marcel says:

"We have 2 cup holders, why not? It should be a practical car "

And this, ladies and gentlemens, is why Christian is THE coolest CEO of any hypercar company, ever.

izac strömberg says:

Imagine Koenigsegg bought the HAAS team in F1 and start whopping Mercedes 😀

M17 says:

"I design the car, I name the car, I sell the car, I review the car, I'M THE CAR". That's all I heard. lol!

rommel snaiser says:

Some people admire elion Musk, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla,… i admire Cristian von koenigsegg, i want to be succesfull like him.

Bollock Johnson says:

Why am I watching a video about a multimillion-dollar hypercar, I don't live near a road…

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