Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


Koenigsegg Jesko | The worlds fastest revving production engine!

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Christian showcase the fast revving Jesko engine and how it works!

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MarMPB says:

Those guys are incredible! They are reinventing all about the hypercars in house with ground breaking new tech!

Robert Johnas says:

Certainly interesting.

pranav says:

The jesko absolut is the most fastest car I guess it can go like 330 something

Baby says:

Ain't anyone talking about how beautiful that car looks?

yvouwell says:

I been pronouncing it KOE – WEN – SEGA

jbritto says:

wow. Amazing!

Angel Pr94 says:

Es una obra de arte. <3

Nina Mae Dela Cruz says:

Fastest revving production car lmao, another made up record, if you cant put all these stats on the ground they are pretty much useless, another “mega car” cringe haha

Super Trix says:

do you ever give regualar folks like me a ride in one ?? in usa ? Id really like to see one in person but im not rich or famous so i dont have the luxory to buy one much less to even travel just to see one in person. it really would be something special to be able to see one with my son one day and even if not ride in one to sit in one and see it work, would be highlight of life for me

Wulf says:

The closest to this engine is 4.8L V10 from LFA

Vittavas Ajcharerk says:

Cars in Japan have clutch pedal on left side next to center console with manual shifter or automatic shifter but cars in United States of America have accelerator pedal on right side next to center console with manual shifter or automatic shifter. Why not put clutch pedal on right side next to center console for cars in United States of America. People have the right to select what they need for safe driving. Cars in Japan add option for accelerator pedal on right side next to center console.

Peter Ness says:

quit yakking and start it up baldy

Georgi Georgiev says:

Too much hype….Honda done this in early 90's with B series

Grant Dubiel says:

The J is pronounced as a Y right? That's what it sounds like to me, just want to settle an argument lol

Bartłomiej Sałek says:

Koenigsegg VS Lamborghini Huracan

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