Koenigsegg One:1 0-300-0kmh – Full noise edition

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The Koenigsegg One:1 sprints from 0-300-0kmh in 17.95 seconds during a practice at our Ängelholm test track. For full information about this run, please visit http://koenigsegg.com/koenigsegg-one1-exceeds-world-speed-records-in-practice/


Gauixiuz says:

Robert Sewanski.. you have the best job ever! koenigsegg should be uploading all of their testing videos so the rest of the world can learn!

Fabio Faar says:

Driver: koenigsegg Agera One:1

tavin da fusão says:

The idiot hands do not conduze the car

Zyion Arias says:

Look at his head…bes not try it at home

Aka_Asuna says:

Wish the stability was good as my parents marriage

Carlos Eduardo Nba says:

Outstanding stability.
Is this channel official rightl? Is not verified yet.

DRSReaper275 says:

“Do not try this at home.”
Okie gonna do 0-300-0 with a Koenigsegg inside my house!

DaGreek says:

We all saw that quick prayer at the beginning… this thing was TOO fast and to think it’s slower than the Agera and Jesko

mr Nohax says:

do try this at home.
fine ill do it on the highway

Rayhan Rizvi says:

imagine drifting a 3.5 million dollar car and wrecking it

juan brenes says:

Buena estabilización

Khanyiso Mapuma says:

No one:

Not a single person:

Koenigsegg: "Full noise edition"

Legolas says:

Koenigsegg and Pagan are only ones that really make things happen!

TheSimpleGuys 2 says:

I have a one:1 and i try it’s top speed(not fake)i’m scary and i stop in 186 km/h lol

Matin says:

Can anyone please tell me what makes the sound at 1:07

Chris Gerritsen says:

There certainly is not too much in the rear view mirrors to look at, the competition has some serious work to do to catch up to this.

Akhilesh Saravanan says:

me: Bruhh the video aboutta end u aboutta go or na
*Me 20 sec later: 0_0

relzer Fps says:

You can see his cceeks getting pulled when he brakes lol

Arne Bollensen says:


Lakalaja Dizaja says:

So I need an airplane strip is what you saying?

Detective Pikachu says:

"Do not try this at home"
Me: looks at my Koenigsegg, sighs and says "todays not the day buddy, todays not the day…

wilsonmandudebro says:

Sounds angry

sultanpwer says:

bye bye bugatti

Shamballa432 says:

Do not try this at home lol. Like i have 300k dollars laying around to buy that 😂

Genesi5 ­ says:

1:13 VTEC kicks in

Jay-Z flashing money says:

Lol he did a couple doughnuts and took his hands off the wheel while doing the dash legendary 😭😂

Magnus Tangen says:

look ma no hands

Xzander wow says:

Im pretty sure this car is powered by dilithium crystals as well as a flux capacitor for good measure

HasseBrasse says:

Another type of handsfree

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