Koenigsegg Proves You Don't Need A Straight Pipe Exhaust

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Performance Exhausts Patented By Koenigsegg Make Big Power
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Do straight pipe exhausts actually make more power? Are straight pipes actually beneficial? Koenigsegg makes crazy horsepower engines and vehicles, and they happen to be emissions compliant. So does your neighbor’s Honda Civic really need a straight pipe to put down 150 horsepower at the wheels, and how how does Koenigsegg make 1000+ horsepower engines that also don’t create terrible emissions? Koenigsegg has a couple exhaust patents up their sleeve.

Koenigsegg’s brilliance comes down to how they employ the use of pre-cats within their exhausts. Pre-cats are used to help reduce harmful emissions while a car is still warming up, and the main catalytic converter is still cold. In this video, we’ll break down Koenigsegg’s first patent ever, the ‘Rocket Cat,’ as well as the patented exhaust used on the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Check out the video for a full explanation!

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Jeremy Phillips says:

I like the cat at the end.

QXZ9027MKII says:

The idea of by passing a restriction is not new specially in the exhaust department, what I really want to know is how are these bypass valves built and there mechanism, to build a valve that can withstand that amount of heat & pressure yet still work properly every time with the presence of carbon deposits, is actually what amazes me.

Reece Lawson says:

A straight pipe exhaust is just a straight pipe, no cat, no resonator, no muffler, right?

brandonkt3 says:

why not just put a glow plug in the main Cat?

Harley Dorman says:

god bless you.

Matt Roszak says:

I love your channel. Thank you for being here.

Owen Cooper says:

Regulation leading to innovation. Don’t tell the free market people

Arne says:

You get a patent for routing the exhaust either through the PC or the turbo charger? I must be a genius, that was what I thought of while still being at scheme 1…

Dynamic Solution • 18 years ago edited says:

Do we get reverse carbon tax since no one drives anymore

spolo123 says:

If only car manufacturers could finally pull such innovations that would be good, thanks.

Carson Newton says:

🏁🏁🏁simply fantastic🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:22 💓💯🧡

Otto Knabe says:

10:10 short observation on that part:
Just because the clutches can close in as little as 2ms, doesn't mean that the gearbox will shift with that speed, mainly because an upshift from 3 to 4 will require the second shaft to increase it's rotational speed. Koenigsegg will of course try it's best to minimise it's inertia, but that still makes it less straight forward than an upshift that won't change the relative speed of the second shaft to the input shaft. Which means that either every third gear shift will take considerably longer to complete than others, or that all gear shift times will be matched to the slowest one. But no continuous positive torque, which was something you have claimed

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